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Region Contact

The Region Contact for RGSouthern is Dan Flett. If you are new to this region, Dan can point you in the right direction! If you are from this region and would also like to be a Region Contact, please add yourself here.

Mailing list

LocFinder Page

Region 10



Your node is not appearing on this map? You will need to edit your node details in LocFinder and set your OSPF region to 10 (Southern).

View either a big map or a huge map or a External linkmassive map that shows roads and contours.

Short Term Goals

Current link projects

Long Term Goals

Thereby, giving people a better reason to invest in the network than "it's cool"!!

Long Term Link Projects


Toby NodeAFK NodeAFH AFH is now 24/7 live
chewy NodeFHB
David NodeCDD
Rob (Cheach) NodeAEI
Dan NodeGMR NodeGMS
MidWay NodeFCD
NickH NodeHDP
Christopher NodeFWI
Johnno NodeFOA NodeFOB NodeFOC
Shane NodeHOV
Adric NodeFZC
Floyd NodeHZV
John (Darkaz) NodeINQ
Barty NodeJTQ
Tom NodeKAL

Are you located in the Southern Region and keen to get involved? Just edit this page and add yourself to the above list! After you've done that, subscribe to this page so that you can be notified of any changes by email.


We do BBQ's and group mast raising parties.
If your new to the group, join the External linkrgsouthern@wireless.org.au mailing list & send an email around to introduce yourself and let us know where you're at.

Current Links

Tobys' Terrific Stuff - NodeAFH

toby has now got a 6 meter mast. A 24db hills antenna pointing at ?? is the uplink for NodeFDB with the access point being a SuperPass omni, fed by a 200mW Veritech running HostAP.

Dan's Domain - NodeGMR

I have a 12m tall Telomast with an antenna rotator on top. It has 3 antennas on it - An 8dB Superpass with a 1W Longreach Amp, and two 25dB Hills Grid Parabolas. Both parabolas can be pointed in any direction, independant of each other thanks to the rotator. A Debian Linux box is doing routing and file/http serving soon across all the interfaces.


Node HDP is in the SW corner of Southern.. need someone to link to down here, have a 19db para. warmed up & ready :(


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