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Having problems setting up linux, going to put that aside for now,
Running Win2000, on a p4 1.8 for the meantime.

I havent had much luck with the omni, i will be leaving that got the AP

I got my hands on a 24dbi ex-galaxy pacific monolithics antenna

modyfying the down convertor right now, hope to have it ready ina few days


The LMR-400 has been terminated, pc is set up, now i am faced with the task of getting the WL200 to work with debian, looks like it might take a little while...


Fianlly purchased a Compaq 100mW PCI card, 8dbi omni antena, and 10m of LMR400 for a grand total of $200 :D

so i am 1 step closer to setting up a decent AP.

I have also got a P3 500 and a P1 100, one of which i will be making in to a router (very soon i hope).

more news in a few weeks


i have now got a set of pci and pcmcia cards for home use to play around with, and a wireless router/ap.

currently in the process of aquiring another AP/bridge

AP will be situated under my roof, with no more than 2m of coax running to (most likely) an omni of some sort, which will initially be attached to the side of my tv antena.

I have yet to do any testing in the way of reception, but planning to establish a semi-permanent link with Dan (node GMR) pending on what sort of equipment i will get. I dont think there will be a problem with reception.

My long term goal is to establish a connection (not direct) with node DCC, when it finally comes online in the near future, hopefully withing the month

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