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Location: Bentleigh

Owner: rik

Status: operational from lunch till midnite

Line of Sight:

16db galaxy that can see the city and the dandys

External link360.jpg - large
External linkafh1.jpg - large
External linkafh2.jpg - large
External linkafh3.jpg - large
External linkafh4.jpg - large

Current Hardware/Software:

I'm running a debian gateway. (pent200 96meg of ram)

1 cisco airo4800 pci

1 cisco airo4800 pci ( yes 2)

1 nokia c111 pcmcia

1 wierd pigtail+mini antenna for c111

1 entrsys pcmcia

1 richo cradle

1 dlink900+ in a box

3 f-f n connector panelmount adapters

1 m-m n connector adaptor

4 lmr240 nconnector male ends

2 rp sma to male n connector pigtail

2 rp sma to female n connector pigtail

3 cantennas
1 16 db galaxy conifer antennas
10meter lmr400
2meter cnt400

The ESSID is 95034848 when its turned on as a AP


ssh access to my kismet client ssh to username melb password wireless

net is now avalible



Ican see NodeGHO from my house in kismet but im trying to link with NodeGEZ


I have done this page and will make a more active effort to get this node happening, but will only be around till febuary


basicly i just need to linux my gateway which will be happening very soon, then it will just need a waterpump to make it all 100% quiet there is some big ass trees between me and TxRx but i dont think that is that much of a problem


20030606 the wind is blowing and loosend the guy ropes got to go fix them now :/ dam wind

20030525 thanks to txrx and a non wireless friend and yaboo on the bbq we now have a 6.5 meter mast on my roof with a Superpass omni and a ap in a box + a 16db galaxy

20021205 working out how to get LOS easyer

20021115im fixing laptops

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