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To co-ordinate and support nodes in the inner eastern and middle eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Region Contacts

The Region Contacts for RGInnerEast are Michael Campion and Peter Buncle. If you are new to this region, Michael or Peter can point you in the right direction! If you are from this region and would also like to be a Region Contact, please add yourself here.


Jeremy Lunn NodeDFC (Box Hill)
Laurence Tan NodeAHI(Hawthorn)
David Fregon NodeFMO(Box Hill South)
Darren Fulton NodeDDG (Blackburn)
Andrew NodeADD (Hawthorn)
Josh NodeGTU (Camberwell)
Dan NodeGMR (Interloper from RGSouthern - Murrumbeena)

Mailing List

No " working " mailing list yet.

What is happening with the External linkmailing list? -- It doesn't work very well...

Locfinder Page

region 8



Your node is not appearing on this map? You will need to edit your node details in LocFinder and set your OSPF region to 8 (Eastern).

You can view a big map or a huge map that shows contours.


08 April 2004

Guys, I've now got a fully operational AP with LOS to nowhere (well, just the local guide hall/Garie St. and park). Has anyone thought of setting up tunnels through the internet? I've got a 10G cable plan but only use 2 or 3 G a month so I could afford to run a few low speed ipsec tunnels to other nodes.


03 December 2003

I'm Dan - I run NodeGMR in Murrumbeena. I have a 12 metre mast with an Omni and an AP powered by a 1 watt amp. I have done netstumbling in Glen Iris, Ashburton and Ashwood along High St and can pick up my own signal in these places. I can also pick myself up on the hill near the corner of Ferntree Gully & Huntingdale Rds and from the intersection of Dandenong Rd & Atkinson St, Oakleigh East.

I'm connected to the RGSouthern cluster which is in turn connected to NodeGHO (Mt Dandenong) and NodeGDW (Taylors Lakes) So if you connect to me you will be connected to the whole network - when GHO is running that is. :)

email me at evolute74_at_hotmail_dot_com if you're interested.

02 December 2003

I've moved to Garie St. Blackburn which has LOS to nothing except the neighbours, the local guide hall and the pine trees lining Box Hill cemetry :-(
Will have the AP fired up permanently this week.

Now if we can find someone to host a node on the other side of Middleborough Rd, say Sweetland Rd or Barcelona St which have LOS to the Dandanongs we'd be in business.

Darren (DDG)

17 October

Hi all, added myself as i'm getting close to ready - I'm in Surrey Hills near corner of Mont Albert & Chatham rds. May have LOS to Darren, but setup is still a work-in-progress.
Will update once equipment finished and i've had a better look from the roof.

Owen (Node GCT - Ozone)

29 July

Hi all,
I'm just trying to update my node status. I have just moved, but am still in Hawthorn. Basically no_fuss and myself have laptops and enterasys cards in Hawthorn, I am on Tooronga Rd near John Gardiner, and he is closer to Swinburne and Burwood Rd. We do not have clear line of sight to each other, but we are really not far off becoming operational, and so it would be good to see if there are any new possibilities for hookup.

Damon Smith (ramjet) node ABA

17 July
by Darren

Hi Jeremy, I just added myself. I don't think I have LOS to anyone in this group, but I'm pretty much halfway between Box Hill and Hawthorn with (I think) LOS to Surrey Hills. I'm tooled up (AP, antennas, dedicated linux router etc) but so far haven't found the time or ladder to climb on the roof for a look.

10 July

By Jeremy

Great.... we now have enough people to form a regional/working group. I'll see what I can do about getting a mailing list arranged.

09 July

by Dave

Hi, after emailing Jeremy, I added myself. I'm on the other side of the crest south with a clear view south and southwest for a good distance, blocked by Wattle Park East-ways, and North again is that crest.

02 July

by Laurence

Jeremy, I just added myself. Although I am essentially in a hollow in Hawthorn surrounded by trees, we might be able to get something to work - distance is not great though. Importantly, I have an old pentium with 2 interfaces :).

I have assumed WGTemplate is not the right mail address?

Box Hill area

I am Looking for people who may have line of site to me in Box Hill.


In the early stages assuming the problem hasn't been solved by the time anything is setup, I would like to experiment with OSPF and possibly other dynamic routing protocols. So if nodes in this area would like to participate then please let me know. All that would be required is say an old pentium with 2 or more interfaces running any operating system with a suitable routing daemon. I can setup all the software (using Linux in that case) if you like.

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