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JTQ consists of a WL500g and a Ultrawap and a 2x 24db Dishes. 1 pointed at ILE with a stable link, the other in limbo.

Node Log

16/7/09 - Tried a link to ICQ, found I had LOS, but there was to much noise to facilitate a stable link at 2.4ghz. Currently back on ILE3.

23/2/09 - Got a PoE adapter from pete so i can finally run the WL with out power problems, so now i have it up and running 24/7.

12/11/08 - waiting for pete to tell me which way to polarize, waiting for activity on the mailing list so i can get a idea of whats happening on the other side of the bay.

7/11/08 - Pulled the Ultrawap down to set it up for the Link to Port Arlington, raised wind surfing mast at south end of house.

22/10/08 - Epoxying the hills is now finished and the dish is up on the roof with the WL500g pointed at ILE, managed to connect at 36Mbs not bad! for a 33km link.

16/8/08 - Found that the feed horn on my newly acquired Hills dish was ridiculously unstable, I glued it on properly with some epoxy. Next step is getting it all on the roof, and pointing it, i think ill swap the Ultrawap with the WL500g for the GHO link. As for my lightning detector project, (which can be seen at the bottom of this page) I've nearly finished the board at school and I'm now figuring out how to hook it up to the WL500g, maybe getting a USB hub and a USB to serial adapter is the way to go.

13/8/08 - Bought Node KAK's WL500g and Cm9 and dish, (don't worry im not letting him get away from MW) and I'm proceeding to set it up.

11/8/08 - Fixed my static route and added a small web page >> << , I'm now building a server PC which i intend to run over night and administer with VNC.

5/8/08 - Was able to get a stable link to GHO, able to access GUR, HVC etc with no problems, although i still have to set ILC as my gateway. Now i just need to set up some form of web page and server.

PS. Big thanks to Pete for added the BOM's radar to his page.

22/6/08 - found that i could connect to GHO and get a very stable link with a avg ping of 6ms, and a download speed of 50kB/s. Was thinking that If i link to KAL who links to ILE it could be another route past GUR, so everything doesn't sit on GUR

17/6/08 - After trying to figure out why my connection to ILE was patchy and somewhat nonexistent, i concluded that it may be a mixture of the Ultrawaps poor signal receiving capabilities or the age of the coax in my dish, as i noticed, when you move the coax it produces a rustling sound and the signal strength varies a lot. So im going to try and crack it open and replaced the Old RG-213 with some new stuff.

11/6/08 - It seems that my TV antenna is fine to mount my dish and connect to ILE3. Although when i did i got kicked off ever 5 seconds, and the next day when i tried again, i connected but was unable to access or ping the network.

5/6/08 - Got my Ultrwap and a dish (thanks Pete) and ill be getting a weather proof box this Saturday hopefully, which ill mount on a windsurfing mast 13ft high on my roof.

6/2/08 - ive ordered a ultraWAP and a 24dbi grid antenna and hope to be connected to ILE by next month.

15/08/07 - Made a cantenna and had a stumble from my roof, i was able to pick up ILE2 and GHO South, though was unable to connect due to -90db

29/04/07 - made a panorama of my LOS and im trying to host it somewhere.

04/04/07 - I cut out some mesh form a old fire-screen and bent it into shape and braced it with some metal rods, it wasn't a very good job and I wasn't expecting the extra 5db of gain!

02/04/07 - Went looking for other nodes in Line of Sight

12/03/07 - Planed a Node

Photos -

External linkLOS to Mt Dandynong

External linkLOS to the south

External linkLOS to the north and east

External linkLOS to JEE and KBV from the south end of my roof

External linkLOS to JEE and KBV from the north end of my roof


24dbi Dish
Hills 24dbi Dish
External linkPIC Transystem GPS Evaluation Board EB-1 External linkGPS Stats in Action
Old 1ghz Celery as a server
PC and switches and a --dead--firewall box
8db?? Omni - lost?


When i get everything sorted, i plan to have a:

File Server (DONE) - you can find a whole heap of Warcraft3 maps
Web Server (DONE-ish - needs a bit of work)
Webcam on my mast
Weather Data
Halo Dedicated server
NPT Server via GPS

Lightning Triangulation Project

I have a grand plan for the Melbourne Wireless Network, where a few nodes would host a Lightning Detector and a GPS, each strike recorded would be accurately time stamped by the GPS, if three or more nodes are set up like this the information can be gathered and triangulated and plotted on a map of Melbourne showing the locations of each strike. There is a long way to go before anything can happen, but if you're interested, there is site in Europe which is maintaining a working system based on this principal tho, via the internet.


UPDATE*** - Ive just about finished my detector so im beginning the difficult process of joining it all together into one system, the detector sends out pulses every time there is a strike, now, the WL500g doesn't have a serial port but it does have a Parallel port, (im no expert on parallel ports so if i incorrectly assume something please inform me). So i have the parallel port listening for pulses but whats the point in recording the time of each strike without a accurate pocket watch? So we need to hook up a GPS - unfortunately using USB is out of the question because it has unpredictable latencies that make it a poor choice for timing. so i NEED a serial port, and a USB to serial converter is out of the question. Also the time in an NMEA string is only good to 1 second without a PPS. 1 second accuracy will give a zone much large than the earth's diameter whereas we want one of about 300m although 1km is more likely. So i will need to jumper the PPS directly off the GPS decoder to the WL500g's parallel port while still grabbing the NMEA of the USB connection to the GPS. Power will be provided by the 5v running up the mast, the Lightning detector runs on 5v, the GPS is powered by USB in USB mode, while it needs 12v in serial mode, it should be running in USB mode with the PPS coming directly off the decoder. This is only the functions of the system, let alone the difficulties in running the software to update and calculate the data over the network.

A External linkDrawing of how everything will be set up


I have no money. Im surrounded by noobs.

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