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Node HZV Owner: Tekmann

Location: Noble Park

Status:In Testing
eg: No Links Yet, covering local area using 2x25db Hills Grids, and a 32 slot Waveguide soon to come

SSID: nodehzv.wireless.org.au

Set your SSID to nodehzv.wireless.org.au and contact me for more information.

Node Log

Constructed a 12m elevating mast, supported by a large array of guys, to hold the 2 25db Hills Grids, a rotator & soon to come 32slot Waveguide up.

The mast & guys were really put to the test soon after, as fairly high winds picked up a few days later. The mast stood it's ground and still stands solid as a rock.

The benifits of this system is that it can be elevated & lowered by one person (when finished) and makes repairs & additions (removing those damm seagulls caught in grids) really easy.

In hindsight I should have gone higher, and constructed it very differently, REV 2.0 :-) is not far away (now that the Neighbours are getting use to it) :-)

Was all the works worth it...???? YES as it's reasonabily easy to make changes & repairs. It's full worth will come into play when NodeHZV establishes some long links.

Whilst the mechinical construction was not moddled on Glenn's mast, the ability to raise/lower it was, althought I'm still happy for Glenn to put out a kit form of his mast :-) Check his awsome site out. Serach for NodeGES

Special Thanks to Glen-NodeGES (greybeard) & Johnno-NodeFOA (bigjohn) for support and assistance to getting to this point.


When node first setup, stumbled across NodeAAF (Sneeze)(very weak signal) from Wantirna approx 12.2kms away, which seems promising given my current testing setup 4.5 mtr of the ground & swaying in the wind.

Have stumbling jpg, for those who want to see...????


Linksys WRT54G Router with custom Firmware & Veritech 2511 Nic
25db Hills Grids, X-Galaxy 19db Grids, Rotator.
Running Mandrake 10.1 on a P3/550/20gb Hdd/256mb Ram
Photo of node setup


No services offered YET.maps page
Perhaps Look into Asterisk, Game Server, Spycams


Buy 25db Hills Dishes, Once site Testing proves Sucessful.
Link up Eastern & South Eastern Regions Together
Make couple of the Wageguide 360o Antenna's & a couple of Omni's for 4WD
Setup the 4WD for Wireless Connectivity.


To overcome Limited experience with Linux & Wireless Networks
Time of course, being an issue for most.


In hearing from other nodes what might have good LOS


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