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To revisit the Routing, Addressing and DNS policies with a view to adding to, refining them, or just getting them implemented.


We start again so join or rejoin. (The old members list is archived below)

GlennMcKechnie NodeGES
DanFlett NodeGMR
iViLe NodeFUT
Exemplar NodeFUU

Mailing List

A new one is required.


Currently we are handling this via the node database by handing out /28 addresses, which is a block of 16 numbers.
Do we ...

Whatever happened to the 172.x.x.x for routers? RIP?


Nodes are starting to run DNS servers, what's our fqdn?
So far we've had, or have...

For various DNS servers -- DJBDNS - BIND9 - ...
*Provide (via the wiki or plain text files?) generic DNS tables along with appropriate instructions

How far do we go with DNS?
If we NS everything then perhaps we use...

Status of ns.melbourne.org.au?

General discussion

Reassess Quagga (zebra)
It's currently working well in small clusters but appears to be failing when linking different regions.
Do we...

Assess BGP

Assess Frottle
*Do we need it?
*Is it more suitable for specific types of nodes

Centralize linking to all wiki routing based material

Add appropriate subnet division examples to wiki.


Archive of old WGRoutingAddressing page

Should we push all this stuff to the bottom of this page and start a new version of this page here? --DanFlett 2005/02/09

Yes -- done! -- GlennMcKechnie


To co-ordinate the Network Design Group.


Jason Brice
Dwayne <dwayne@pobox.com>
Adrian Close <adrian@close.wattle.id.au>
Peter Rogers <progers@optushome.com.au>
Matt Boyd NodeBCG
BrendanHiley NodeDIH
Andrew Harcourt NodeCHI
TonyLangdon NodeBCJ
Lunn NodeDFC
RogerVenning NodeCIA <r.venning sometimes at telstra.com>
DavidArnold NodeAAG <davida@pobox.com>
TristanGulyas NodeFSA
Darius NodeFFB
TimshelKnoll NodeDDE <timshel@pobox.com>
AndrewGriffiths <nullptr@tasmail.com>
Julien Goodwin NodeGSO
NodeHUH <mw@studio442.com.au>
GlennMcKechnie NodeGES
DanFlett NodeGMR

Mailing List

External linkWGrouting@wireless.org.au
External linkSubscribe

Forget this mailing list address. A two months subscription returns 130+ A grade spam messages and not a useful post in sight.
Time for a change of list address.

Task List

ProblemStatement and Layer2Assumptions.

  1. Document current thinking on address allocation
  2. Produce a valid OSPF architecture for the initial core network NOW, recognising that (a) the initial nodes will form the backbone / Area 0, and (b) we can afford to re-number / re-configure them while (c) non-area 0 nodes only come later - so we don't need to know how to set them up yet :-)
  3. Get working implementation including (a) ConfigsZebraOspfd , (b) gated configs? and (c) instructions on how to set this up from a default RedHat & Debian installs (& *BSD if anyone on this group runs it).
  4. Scope IP address allocation system requirements and implement on-line.
    1. (These next two follow on from this but are not necessarily core group activities - see RouterNodeSetup)
  5. ISOise a working RouterNodeSetup so that it will run/boot off CDROM being able also to boot of floppy and storing /etc /var and so forth on the floppy disk. (support of hard disks?)
  6. Produce a Debian & RedHat package that will tack onto a default install to give configured, running routing nodes.
  7. Determine a reasonable set of growth scenarios for Melbourne Wireless
  8. Simulate routing table and address allocation under the prior scenarios in order to anticipate the behaviour of simplistic regional address assignment, 'carving' allocation, etc. Post simulation results
  9. Come up with a mesh best current practice document that describes other non-mandatory aspects of participating in the wireless mesh.
  10. Determine which multicast routing protocol to use, and implement multicast.
  11. Devise IPv6 addressing architecture and provide IPv6 implementation details] as well as 6BONE Peering.

Process for acquiring addresses

This is now active via the node database.
Handing out /28 addresses, which is a block of 16 numbers.


Does anyone have the skills to port mobile mesh to windows?
RogerVenning does... but would need convincing before embarking on such a project.
-- You would be a legend, adored globally by giving all wireless groups a standard routing platform. How's that? ;)
(RogerVenning: send me an email and we'll talk about it)

I think we really need to organize a few meetings and/or monthy/bi-monthly meetings where people actually turn up to learn about Zebra, how OSPF is going to be implemented, discuss IPv6 (which is very very kool), and other things as they pop up. --BrendanHiley

Sounds like a great idea Brendan. Another possibility, now that the meetings are quite large, is to find a venue where several things can happen at once. But I spose thats something WGMeetings can work on... --JamesHealy

Can someone please think of a more suitable "Goal" for this group? "To co-ordinate the Network Design Group" gives no useful information... --TysonClugg
  • How about to create a cross platform no brainer install routing protocol with automatic link discovery and route optimisation. nothing difficult or anything ;) --Drew

I will be giving a brief summary at the July 2002 meeting of the Aarnet IPv6 workshop which I attended on 24-25 June 2002. I will make myself available for further assistance to this working group for any IPv6 related issues. --TysonClugg

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