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aka NodeAAG, in Hotham St, St Kilda East.

I've got a couple of OrinocoSilver cards and some EnterasysCards, but my current plan is probably to run SVEC or Minitar APs in bridge mode, with a POE downlink to my router/firewall box.

Next steps are to get the antenna built and installed, before getting some nearby people ConnectingToTheNetworkFAQ.

Old Reading List

External linkDoes the IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol Work Well in Multihop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks?: A good article from IEEE Communications magazine explaining why IBSS mode performs badly. Recommended by RogerVenning.

External linkSource-Tree Routing in Wireless Networks: Described the STAR protocol used by Nokia's Rooftop WLAN. Also from Roger.

External linkAd Hoc Networking: by Charles E Perkins:Not cheap, but an overview of some 'ad hoc' protocols, more or less from the IETF perspective. See also his External linkhomepage for a list of publications.

External linkDecentralised Channel Management in Scalable Multihop Spread-spectrum Packet Radio Network: by Timothy James Shepard. Recommended by BenAnderson.

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