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Name of hardware

An 802.11b PCMCIA card.

Lucent have made a variety of 802.11 cards over the last few years. Starting out with 2Mbit 802.11 DSSS and going via some proprietry 5 and 8Mbit so-called Turbo cards, their WaveLAN range pretty much dominated the industry until the 802.11b standard and the PRISM (and later PRISM-II) chipsets allowed cheap cards without huge R&D.

Lucent's Microelectronics division was spun off as External linkAgere Systems and they took the renamed External linkOrinoco range of 802.11 wireless products with them.

The Silver card is the export model. There is also an OrinocoGold card which has better encryption, but is far less commonly available.



Orinoco Silver

Operating Systems


There are several Linux drivers for the Orinoco cards:

See the External linkLinux Wireless LAN HOWTO for full details


External linkMacOS


External linkWindows 2000
External linkWindows 95
External linkWindows 98
External linkWindows 98/ME
External linkWindows ME
External linkWindows NT
External linkWindows XP
External linkWindows ce


It may be possible to upgrade this card to 128 bit encryption, effectively making this an OrinocoGold.
The following method was found on the External linkNYC Wireless Mailing lists . . .

Due to all External linkIntermec UAP's (Universal Access Points) being 128bit encryption and use the lucent wavelan cards. They will also accept the silver and bronze cards. (don't buy bronze...2mb only). there is no difference between the silver and the gold cards except for a function being switched off inside one of the chips. So to activate the chip to turn it to a gold card. simply take the wavelan card out of the 2100,2101,2102 with firmware version 1.61 (you can update it for free from the website) and place in your silver card. boot the UAP and wait. leave it for about 5min then disconnect and replace old card. You now have a lucent gold card that will now do 128bit encryption instead of 64 bit, at no extra cost.

Or, External linkif you can read french

Misc Notes

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