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Linux Penguin (Tux)

Linux aka GNU/Linux is an operating system.

It is comprised of a GPL kernel, Linux proper, a wide range of libraries and utilities from the GNU Project, the XFree86 X Window System, and various other software.

Typically, Linux is obtained as a distribution: a pre-packaged combination of kernel, libraries, utilities, desktop apps, etc. This makes the job of assembling a working system very easy, compared to building one from the raw hard disc up. ;)

Common distributions include RedHat, Debian, Slackware, Mandrake and SuSE, although there are many others.

Linux is a variety of Unix. The exact definition of what Unix actually is depends wholely upon the context of the question, but by example, FreeBSD, Solaris and even MacOSX all basically qualify.

Linux is quite suitable for use to set up nodes for MW, as it runs on most hardware including old stuff, supports a lot of the networking hardware out there (though not all, check before you buy), is reasonably secure when configured properly and maintained, provides a great deal of useful server functionality, and costs somewhere between not much (if you buy an official CD) and zero (if you download a distro from the net). However, there are other operating systems that can serve the purposes of wireless networking quite well. Melbourne Wireless is not an OS advocacy group or forum!

For more information, check out External linkLinux Users of Victoria.

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