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Proposed Addressing Structure

The address ranges to be allocated are in the
See External linkfreenetworks for more details.

Routing Nodes

Routing nodes are IP routers in distinct locations (e.g. separate nodes on the node map) that

Routing nodes will be allocated one address from range per wide-area wireless interface. Along with this will be an allocation of one or more /28 subnets from This address space can be further subnetted to supply connectivity to (local area) wireless and wired client networks that form stub networks from the node. Reachability to directly connected /28 subnets will be advertised through OSPF.

Client hosts

If you do not meet the above requirements, for instance
then you are to use addresses from the space. Essentially only nodes that run OSPF across the WAN will use addresses.

If you fall into the first category above - you don't want to run OSPF on your node - then you can only usefully use one WAN link to a true router-node. You must negotiate with this node owner to obtain address space (she might for instance request another /28 on your behalf). The router-node might statically route this space to your node, or they might run RIPv2 with just you for instance.


Will draw picture to show this in action...


The IPv4 allocations will be mimicked in the site level addressing part of an IPv6 /48 prefix (ie. bit positions 49-64) for those nodes that desire IPv6 address space.
For the WAN addresses, this address will be fec0:172:16:xxxx::1/128 and for the clients subnets [[2002/fec0]]:????:????:xxxx::/62. This leaves space for future allocations 'over-the-top' when External linkRFC1918 IPv4 address space is available to us is depleted.
For example, if a node is assigned and, the corresponding IPv6 addresses/prefixes are also assigned: <48bitprefix1>:5121::1/128 and <48bitprefix2>:42F0::/62.

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