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Hi *.

I currently live @ NodeFLK.

I have a 4 boxen LAN, running (mostly) XP, and for me, Linux and FreeBSD. I am currently a student at External linkHolmesglen I am studying Diploma of Network Engineering. Next year I may do the Diploma of Systems Analysis (or something like that), cause I can do approx 6 months course stuff and get it, or I may do a Degree. Just completed my CCNA semester 4 test, soon (within a week or two), I'll go for my CCNA. woohoo :-) Hopefully sooner.

I'll prolly get my CCNP later down the track.

I am interested in doing the RouterNodeSetup. Other stuff I have here are Procpatch and Mlls.

If I am connected to the 'net, most likely you'll find me in irc://irc.pulltheplug.com/social, or irc://irc.mlug.org.au/mlug, melb-wireless

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