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HowTo is literally How To.

Howto guides have sprung up all over the Internet over the past couple of years, especially since Linux started becoming widely popular. A HowTo guide is basically a step-by-step recipe for achieving a desired outcome, which many people may find too complex or time-consuming to work out on their own.

Please peruse the following list of Melbourne Wireless Howtos:

If you feel something is missing, please add your input to either the existing Howtos or create your own!

Off-site Howtos:

Operating Systems

For Linux there is the HowTo collection at External link The Linux Documentation Project
For Windows the External linkMicrosoft Knowledge Base probably compares as the HowTo central.
For Apple there is ... ? (I'm way out of my League here!)


How to modify a Galaxy Pay-TV antenna for use with wireless networks:
External linkhttp://martybugs.net/wireless/conifermods.cgi
External linkhttp://www.ashtec.dyndns.org/ashtec/mods/
External linkhttp://www.radio-active.net.au/web/80211/galaxy.html
External linkhttp://www.mrx.com.au/wireless/ConfierModifications.htm
External linkHow to build a tin can waveguide antenna
External linkHow to make a Cantenna Parabolic dish feed
External linkhttp://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/AntennaHowTo The Seattle Wireless Antenna Howto


External linkConsume HowTo Zebra (Quagga) related

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