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This is a guide page for the use of Apple gear in a WiFi environment, including cross-platform issues in connecting with Windoze and *nix machines. It is intended as a place for all users in Melbourne Wireless to add tips, hints, links and questions. Shared resource, please use with care.

Open to all members using, intending to use, connecting to, or curious about:

Airport = Wifi = 802.11

First question most newcomers have is whether or not their Apple Airport gear will connect to an 802.11b/WiFI network. As mentioned in the FAQ, the short answer is yes.

Airport is simply Apple's brand name for their wireless equipment and software, much as Proxim market their wireless wares under the Skyline brand. The data format and radio specs of the equipment is identical to other standards-compliant 802.11 products, and provided you have all your control panel settings sorted, you should experience no more complication connecting to a WiFi network than any other kind of cross-platform network </humour>

Tech Tips

Unsolved Problems

Put in a brief desription of your problem here, and maybe someone will come along and solve it for you.

I can't get the PCMCIA/PCI adaptors that were on the TIB a few months ago to work. They were the ones that had the Ricoh chipset. I cannot find a driver for it anywhere External linkessay writing service. I've tried it in a 7500/8500 and a G3. No luck under OSX or OS9. Anyone else tried this? - RyanM

Anyone had any luck getting Lucent cards (AirPort) to connect to Intel Pro/8211 AP's? I've had no success - regardless of the model of card or version of driver, they simply refuse to see the AP (slight variance: KisMac on a 466 iBook with AirPort will see the AP, but the AirPort software on the same 'Book will not). Keith

I've just installed the Orinoco drivers (7.2) for a Dell TruMobile card and got an old Powerbook 1400c (133 MHz) working with the card - rather slow, but works OK and even does the encryption. The machine has Mac OS 8.6. Now I want to repeat the exercise, but this time with a 166 MHz 1400c running Mac OS 8.0. I can do an upgrade to 8.1 or to 9.0/9.1, but I'd prefer to just leave the machine as it is. I believe the 7.2 Orinoco drivers won't work with Mac OS 8.0, but that some of the earlier (6.0?) drivers might do the trick. I can't locate any web site which currently has the drivers. Having said that - it looks as though there were compatibility problems with the 1400 anyway, using the older drivers - see the Solved Problems below, so I may have to upgrade to 9.x anyway. Does anyone know if earlier drivers are available, and what the compatibility problems were?

Solved Problems

Some of the links for Orinoco drivers work now.

Orinoco (now Avaya) has released new Mac drivers for their client cards, which resolve the compatibility problem with older laptops such as the 1400. Download version 7.2 via External linkFTP or External linkHTTP. Thanks to Jamie Lovick of Sydneywireless for the second link.


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