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Apple AirPort Base Station

External linkApple introduced the Airport in 1999. It was the first simplified AccessPoint, and one of the first 802.11b devices to become generally available at a reasonable price.

Inside it contains a 486 AMD processor, an OrinocoSilver card, a 10-Base-T Ethernet port, and a 56k v.90 dialup modem. It runs a proprietary Karlnet firmware prepared for Apple. The hardware is largely the same as a Lucent RG1000, and Airport firmare can be loaded into the Lucent unit.

There are now five variants of the Airport Base Station: the first-gen "Graphite", the second edition (two Ethernet ports), the Extreme (54mbs 802.11g), and the Express (54mbs 802.11g) which also acts as a cross-platform USB printer server and iTunes audio streamer - ie it has audio line out ports, which can be streamed to from any machine on the network.

AirPort Cards are proprietary 802.11b cards with no antenna, relying on an antenna built into the host device (iMac, iBook, etc). They fit in a proprietary Airport slot in compatible machines. Airport Extreme cards are 802.11g cards for newer machines, and not backwards compatible with Airport slots. Older machines wanting .11g speeds will need to look at third party solutions.

All Apple base stations and cards can network with Windows, Linux, etc machines.

Further information is available at the External linkApple wiki page.

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