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I've worked with a number of community groups over the years, including the Rainforest Information Centre in Lismore NSW, the permaculture movement (design graduate) and International Permaculture Journal, the North Coast Ethical Credit Union (founding member), External linkClan Analogue, Down To Earth, External linkAlternative Technology Association (member), GROW and the External linkBarrel Full Of Monkeys.

Member no.4 of Melbourne Wireless, my contributions include: serving on the Structure working group which debated the constitution of the current organisation before presenting a vote to members, serving on committee for 18 months, twelve of those as association secretary, composing and editing chunks of the FAQ, setting up the Apple Wireless wiki page, contributing to the national wireless community submission to a Federal Parliament inquiry.

I have completed the following courses: Cert II in Small Business Management, Certificate in Community Theatre (Performance), Certificate in Community Radio Production, and studied part of the following: BA in Contemporary Music (Performance Studies) at Southern Cross University, Lismore, Cert. II in Renewable Energy, Cert II in Electronics

My interests are in music, especially electronic, cognitive theory, evolution, sustainable development, community building, appropriate technology, electronics and computer stuff.

I restore and sell vintage and budget Macintosh computers for people of limited income, and community groups. I perform electronic music with [zog.net.au/clan Clan Analogue], as Dr Bunsen Honeydew or a variation of that name depending on mood, and DJ ambient chill music as Fletcher Munson. Artists profiles for those acts are available at the Clan Analogue link above.

Stuff I'd like to know more about: neurology and psychology of music and dance, circuit design and construction, micro-controllers and SBCs, programming, Unix, OS X

I see the wireless network community as a great way for a group of people to work together to achieve a common goal, as an exercise in community building, and a kewl network when it's up and running (some more). I'm particularly interested in distributed processing.

sale and trade page: [Clae's stack o stuff sought and sold]

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