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To promote MelbWireless to the public.




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***** Next to the crown casino they have "Freshwater place" and it has ABC printed posters advertising their triple J cd's. How illegal can it be if a government organisation is doing it? hmm, then again
****** Anyone want to External linkcontact them and see if ABC got permission to do that from them? And if so, can we do the same?


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Gaining kudos

How can we gain kudos?


Threw together a sample 3-fold brochure type thing today just to see what we could put on there;
External linkCheck it out.
Star/Open Office users can have a External linkmodifiable version

Originally, I was thinking of floating the idea of a regional organiser to be a nice, easy point of contact for new users, make the association approachable on a personal level. I disregarded this -- why should one user be in a position like this when there multiple times the wealth of knowledge of a group. However, after closer scrutiny I noticed a reason that we may appear as a faceless organisation. Of the Regional Groups, only 2 have w.o.a mailing lists and there are 6 that have no mailing list at all. I believe if we become more contactable it will result in more users, and ultimately a better network. --gummAY 2004-28-06

Nice 3-fold brochure, except the URL is wrong - External linkwww.melbournewireless.org.au is better because people recognise www.whatever... as a web address, you don't need to include the http:// to let people know what you are talking about.
--TysonClugg 2004-28-06

As far as local communities go, if we get nodes working we should probably publicise it in the local free weeklies. What do you think?

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