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Call 94510 on FWD (rings my mobile!)

Being the Treasurer in 2005, the WebMaster in 2004, President in 2003 and the Treasurer in 2002, I guess I'm one of the most active members of MelbWireless. I joined the mailing list back in August 2001, then later took it upon myself to organise the group meetings - all except the very first one, which was held at a pub named Pugg Mahones. I am involved in far too many WorkingGroups for my own good, and spend a great deal of time doing various things for MelbWireless.
When I'm not doing things for MelbWireless, you might find me playing External linkinline hockey, having fun in External linkRovers, and perhaps even sleeping. Every now and again I get the urge to goto a party, but I find I haven't got the time anymore. I used to love them, I hosted the first party (hmm, they've killed the page - try External linkhere for others) for the group that became External linkMonash Regional LAN, but I have since become inactive.
I enjoy listening to music, especially External linkhard house and External linkfunk, often attending External linkraves and External linkclubs.

Me, being silly as always


My personal website [External linkclugg.net] has lots of information about me - embarrasing or insightful? You decide.





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The easiest way to contact me is to send me an e-mail.
You can also leave a WikiMail for me below - I check RecentChanges most days. ;)

My nick on IRC is tc.


Please leave messages here, and don't forget to include your name -- TysonClugg.

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