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The goof formerly known as TimshelKnoll ...

I was TimshelKnoll, but am now married and in possession of a double-barrel name
I live at NodeDDE in Footscray. Yes, Timshel is a wierd name, but it's my real name, so don't abuse it :-).

I'm a final year (yes... or at least I'm telling myself that this is my final one) Computer Science student at External linkRMIT. Until recently, when I converted to using and working on NetBSD, I was a Debian GNU/Linux developer/maintainer, and have been hooked on
Linux and BSD *nix stuff since my first RedHat
3.3 install in '97. As well as being a Melbourne Wireless member, I'm a member of External linkLinux Users of Victoria. My povo student status means that I'm taking my time getting enough stuff together to build my node. :-(
I've got an Enterasys card and RICOH PCI cradle and am currently working on a Waveguide Cantenna using a Golden Circle juice can. Read NodeDDE for more details.


I'm hoping to get more involved in WGRoutingAddressing, and maybe also in WGSolarPower in the future.

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