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This Man for Setting Up Wireless Nodes
About Me

Name: Glen Brunning

IRC Nick: Bchild

Owner Of Nodes:
NodeAAD - (AAD.wireless.org.au) (Reservoir) - Building


I had 2 opertional Nodes AAC & FTA, but due to a move I made, I had to de-commission these nodes. The Link between Nodes AAC & FTA was done using 2 Dlink 900+ AP's in Bridge mode. One was mounted inside the house the other half way up my 15 meter mast. The Link had been running smoothly for the 6 months since I got everything aligned corecetly & setup. Now I'll try 1 more time to get back into wireless with Node AAD, I'll probally be using the Dlink 900+ again 1 on a directional to a friend, then hopefully get a chance to put something else up to supply the public.

For a External linklook at my node setup

I started on this wireless project some time ago along with Steven Haigh and Drew Ulricksen, in the evental aim of being able to link to friends and family. I have now got plans for some more AP's though finance is yet to determine whether they are going to run in the near future.

External linkPics of Antenna for AAC found here

External linkOmni Pictures can be found here

Currently I'm A Member Of This Group


For a complete list of all groups, see Groups.

Personal Note

I am currently the owner of the box that runs the wireless.org.au domain, I'd like to thank the following people for their time and effort that was spent into building this box and getting the websites and all related programs running:

Shane Chubb - For finishing off the second server configuration.
Steven Haigh - For the idea of doing this all in the first place.. :)
Drew Ulricksen - For Designing & Coding the LocFinder V1.
Tyson Clugg - For inital server & AP configuration.
(Sneeze) Ryan - For AP configuration.
Brett Murphy - For supplying the Internet pipe.
FennBailey - For Designing & implenting the TIB (The Incredible Bulk)


You can contact me via email here: External linkEmail

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