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Not a whole heap to say here.

Foremost people know me from my work on the original TIB (TheIncredibleBulk).

Apart from that I've been accquiring more wireless hardware than I probably need (is that possible?) and run NodeFDF (where I used to live) and NodeGIB (which has been "about to go live" for 4 years now).

I have also assisted with various bits and pieces of NodeGBJ, NodeFZM and NodeFYJ.

I spend probably too much time mucking around with linux, code, wireless stuff and drinking beer... sometimes at the same time, which is probably less than 100% productive. Particularly when climbing around on roofs. 'Nuff said.

Though an early/previously active member, my other persuits have sucked a lot of my free time away and I struggle now contribution wise.

You can possibly read more up to date information about me External linkhere.

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