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There are some things you should know before you ask us for help, the questions and answers here will improve your chances of getting good help from us. If your question is not here, try looking through all of the questions which are listed on TheEvolvingFAQ.

I'm new to this, who do I ask for help?

Your best bet for help is in the mailing list, send an email to External linkmajordomo@wireless.org.au with the message "subscribe melbwireless" in the body. Other than this, there is an IRC channel on the Austnet network dedicated to the Melbourne Wireless Networking community, #Melb-Wireless.

The people who are most likely to help you are your wireless neighbors. Check out the Wiki page for your local Melbourne Wireless Region Group. Join your Region Group's mailing list and introduce yourself. You'll find the people there glad to have a new neighbor.

This Wiki is also a compendium of useful knowledge. You can search it by page title, browse the list of page titles or do a Google search of the Melbourne Wireless site.

How do I ask a question on the mailing list?

First, decide what you're trying to find out. Try to make it fairly general (ie: Not specifically designed for a single other person to answer), and be polite and courteous. Next, address the email to the mailing address and everybody who's subscribed to the list will recieve your mail.

How do I ask a question on the wiki?

Add your query to FAQYourAdditions where someone else will answer it, along with moderating or reformatting where appropriate.The response may not be as quick as a question to the mailing list so be prepared for a wait.

At the bottom of that page is a link to subscribe to it, follow the instructions and you'll be notified of any changes

Nobody replied to my question - are you ignoring me?

Probably not, perhaps nobody has an answer or people are to busy to answer it. Try looking at Eric Raymond's Essay on External linkHow To Ask Questions The Smart Way, which will help you ask better questions and may even lead you to fix your own problem which is the best way to learn.

Can I call someone on the phone?

Melbourne wireless is a non-profit association and all the people involved are volunteers. We simply don't have time to act as technical support for your wireless setup. Sorry.

What if I have questions that aren't wireless specific?

Again, the Austnet IRC channel is your best bet, but don't expect miracles.

OK then, what if I'm having trouble accessing hotmail when I'm using wireless on a laptop? Surely you can fix it for me!

If the problem only occurs when using a wireless connection maybe, but probably still no.
Try WirelessAndWindowsXP

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