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Spelling: NodeILA

SSID: ila.wireless.org.au

Operation: 24/7 *if* you feel lucky. Well, *do* you?

See home pc [1] for the non-wireless view.

As of March 2005, I've managed to sniff out 2 nearby sites.

So far, no solid connections, but a lot of junk packets have been
spotted coming my way. Teach me to get g+ h/w.

GPR/"ben" is nearest known site -- about 350 m away. Can easily
spot the beacon, but a solid link seems more problematic. MAC not as
advertised. But keeping up with the documentation is a problem,
I understand

As of Jan 2005, a D-Link g+ AP is running 24/7 with SSID "ILA".

There're lots of PC's in a spare bedroom and the garage, and
access is pretty much open to what's powered on at any given time.

But that's gunna change.

I run a (Open,Net,Free,386}(BSD,bsd} shop with a touch of Linux and a
smidgin of Win98.

There's a total 24 TB of disk storage, and only 25% is available.
Call me a collector...

Sources going back 20 years are available to the very intrepid.
You are pretty much on your own, but I can answer email at
something [2]@kymhorsell.com
or kymhorsell@hotmail.com.

My lawyers say I have to include this:

Warning. I'm over 50 and running low on testosterone.

=== mid Apr 2005 ===

Now have a yaggi up on the end of a long stick. Not pretty, but can
least hear half-a-doz beacons. Mostly coming in at -84 dbm according
the now-updated wicontrol ndis0.

Installing v2 of the WG311v2 drivers (run under emulation under
FreeBSD [3] 5.3)
was the biggest breakthrough to date. The system now doesn't tend to
hang when asked to look for beacons!

Remaining problem -- breaking association with one station to attach
to another. Usually requires a re-boot of the old "pi.kym.com" (1.8
GHz P4).

Seems the main problem now is -- I can "hear" but seldom can any of
the neighbours (one is about 4 doors down in the same street -- his
*is* operating on internal omni in a metal garage, but what kind of
excuse is
that?) hear me. I do -- occasionally -- get a response to a "where

Looks like parabolic will be needed. And more long sticks.

=== 22 Apr 2005 ===

Flakey link established with GPR. Managed to see web page
a couple of times, and ssh as root. Lasted only a few mins.

From the OSPF Hello's I'm seeing, problem still appears to be
signal strength. Yagi is now atop a 15 ft pole, but still
doesn't get LOS to GPR. Meter is reading -83 dbm at pi.kym.com.

Hello's are saying the Hello timer at GPR is set at 10 sec
(standard). But I'm only seeing them every 30 mins or so!

=== 26 Apr 2005 ===

Moved a yagi to the roof. Solid signal to GPR at -73 dbm.
=== 28 Apr 2005 ===
Link to GPR marked "up".
Changed yagi back to panel. Signal now -83 dbm. But seems reliable

=== 3 May 2005 ===
Prospects of 2 new links. Andrew is around 2.5 km N of me.
Dan is in the same direction; about 1.8 km away. Wow! A twofer!
Checked the maps. Seems like LOS is no prob.
The 24 dbi parabolic may be over the top for just 2 km, but we'll try
that first.
=== END ===

[1] http://www.kymhorsell.com/home-pc/
[2] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?something
[3] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?FreeBSD

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