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SSID: ila.wireless.org.au

Operation: 24/7 *if* you feel lucky. Well, *do* you?

See External linkhome pc for the non-wireless view.

just jam it in anywhere!
keep the wireless card cool
NEVER overload a powerboard!

As of March 2005, I've managed to sniff out 2 nearby sites.

So far, no solid connections, but a lot of junk packets have been
spotted coming my way. Teach me to get g+ h/w. ;)

GPR/"ben" is nearest known site -- about 350 m away. Can easily
spot the beacon, but a solid link seems more problematic. MAC not as
advertised. But keeping up with the documentation is a problem,
I understand ;)

As of Jan 2005, a D-Link g+ AP is running 24/7 with SSID "ILA".

There're lots of PC's in a spare bedroom and the garage, and
access is pretty much open to what's powered on at any given time.

But that's gunna change.

I run a (Open,Net,Free,386}(BSD,bsd} shop with a touch of Linux and a
smidgin of Win98.

There's a total 24 TB of disk storage, and only 25% is available.
Call me a collector...

Sources going back 20 years are available to the very intrepid.
You are pretty much on your own, but I can answer email at
or kymhorsell@hotmail.com.

My lawyers say I have to include this:

Warning. I'm over 50 and running low on testosterone. ;)

=== mid Apr 2005 ===

Now have a yaggi up on the end of a long stick. Not pretty, but can at
least hear half-a-doz beacons. Mostly coming in at -84 dbm according to
the now-updated wicontrol ndis0.

Installing v2 of the WG311v2 drivers (run under emulation under FreeBSD 5.3)
was the biggest breakthrough to date. The system now doesn't tend to
hang when asked to look for beacons!

Remaining problem -- breaking association with one station to attach to another. Usually requires a re-boot of the old "pi.kym.com" (1.8 GHz P4).

Seems the main problem now is -- I can "hear" but seldom can any of
the neighbours (one is about 4 doors down in the same street -- his gear
*is* operating on internal omni in a metal garage, but what kind of excuse is
that?) hear me. I do -- occasionally -- get a response to a "where is".

Looks like parabolic will be needed. And more long sticks. ;)

=== 22 Apr 2005 ===

Flakey link established with GPR. Managed to see web page
a couple of times, and ssh as root. Lasted only a few mins.

From the OSPF Hello's I'm seeing, problem still appears to be
signal strength. Yagi is now atop a 15 ft pole, but still
doesn't get LOS to GPR. Meter is reading -83 dbm at pi.kym.com.

Hello's are saying the Hello timer at GPR is set at 10 sec
(standard). But I'm only seeing them every 30 mins or so!

=== 26 Apr 2005 ===

Moved a yagi to the roof. Solid signal to GPR at -73 dbm.
=== 28 Apr 2005 ===
Link to GPR marked "up".
Changed yagi back to panel. Signal now -83 dbm. But seems reliable enough.

=== 3 May 2005 ===
Prospects of 2 new links. Andrew is around 2.5 km N of me.
Dan is in the same direction; about 1.8 km away. Wow! A twofer! :-)
Checked the maps. Seems like LOS is no prob.
The 24 dbi parabolic may be over the top for just 2 km, but we'll try
that first.
=== END ===

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