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Spelling: NodeFTJ

"Hey Rocky, whatch me pull a Rabbit out of mah hat!"

Nearly there. Pending antennas. gunna build me own antennas. Got me a
Conifer ready to roll. Got a piece of down pipe. Got several meters of

Intending to put in the following;

Access Point (SVEC) One antenna to a (yet to be built) homemade
Omni. Cabletron inna BSD box. Either another home built Omni or the
Galaxy - yet to decide. Channel 13 or 14 NCR WaveLAN [1] 650mW ISA
card 2Mbit/s monster, fixed frequency, nominal 35 km range. unless I
can drop the power, limited to 8dBi antenna limits use to Omni, but
who to connect to? (who else has these cards in my area?) see above re
Omni or directional.

rebuilding my firewall box - ex. Integraph curtesy Nick Sibbing. Now
with new RAM... will check status this week. this will likely have a
NCR wavelan in it....

[1] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?WaveLAN

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