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+"Hey Rocky, whatch me pull a Rabbit out of mah hat!" 
+Nearly there. Pending antennas.  gunna build me own antennas. Got me a Conifer ready to roll.  Got a piece of down pipe. Got several meters of LDF4-50... 
+Intending to put in the following; 
+  Access Point (SVEC) 
+    One antenna to a (yet to be built) homemade Omni. 
+  Cabletron inna BSD box. 
+    Either another home built Omni or the Galaxy - yet to decide. 
+    Channel 13 or 14 
+  NCR WaveLAN 650mW ISA card 
+    2Mbit/s monster, fixed frequency, nominal 35 km range. 
+    unless I can drop the power, limited to 8dBi antenna 
+    limits use to Omni, but who to connect to? (who else has these cards in my area?) 
+    see above re Omni or directional. 
+rebuilding my firewall box - ex. Integraph curtesy Nick Sibbing. Now with new RAM... will check status this week. this will likely have a NCR wavelan in it.... 
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