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+__Melbourne Wireless Inc. Committee Meeting __%%% Please address all comments and queries to the committee.%%%  Attendance at committee meetings is by invitation from the committee only. %%% Members and the general public are welcome to attend any general meeting.%%% 
+__Date__ Thursday 9th Janurary 2003 %%% 
+__Start__ 8:00PM %%% 
+__Finish__ 9:00PM%%% 
+__Location: __ Solomon Room%%% Ian Wark Laboratory%%% Bayview Avenue%%% Clayton VIC 3168 
+* ''President'' %%% Tyson Clugg (TC) 
+* ''Vice President'' %%% Darren Dreis (DD) 
+* ''Secretary ''%%% Vaskos Tsiatis (VT) 
+* ''Treasurer ''%%% James Healy (JH) - via telephone 
+* ''Ordinary Committee Members ''%%% David Gason (DG) (Absent)%%% Troy Mitchell (TM) 
+* ''Guest Speakers ''%%% (none) 
+__Apologies __ %%% 
+__1. Opening Remarks __(TC)%%% 
+TC> All been on holidays enjoying themselves - hope all have enjoyed break and built antennas. Need to get back to work, holidays are overÃ��Ã�¢Ã�¯Ã�¿Ã�½Ã��Ã�¦ Good to be back. We have all been a little bit slack since last meeting. 
+__2. Correspondence__ (VT)%%% 
+TM> Area groups & email lists to be set up%%% TM> Should we have a group administrator for each of the regional groups.%%% 
+VT> Each groups will be asked to report once every 3 or so months%%% 
+DD> Have to be careful small groups don't break off (if things go bad, re: perth).%%% 
+TC> MW has been fairly open to scrutiny unlike other state groups, e3, sydwireless, etc%%% 
+TC> have a daily or weekly digest of each of the regional groups%%% 
+VT> concerns about people wanting to tell info only on a regional group and not to a main list.%%% 
+TC> email will still be stored somewhere regardless of whether they want info stored or not.%%% 
+VT> ask group if they want digests posted to the list%%% 
+DD> many of our resources are not easily understood by newbies%%% 
+TC> intentions to bring back mail archives - issues of workload required to maintain, etc %%% TC> obfuscation of emails in the archives possible%%% 
+TM> for these to be set up%%% 
+TC> regional groups are being taken from the locfinder%%% 
+TM> so lists are going to be sent to the main MW list and people who want to join up %%% 
+__3. Membership__ (VT)%%% 
+VT> online database system ?%%% 
+TC> online system up, few people with passwords%%% 
+JH> remind members that there is no meeting this month%%% 
+VT> is there a paid up members email list ?%%% TC> yes - through a web system - plain text emails only. %%% Details of membership will not be published due to privacy requirements, and will instead be minuted by the Secretary. 
+__4. Financial Report__ (JH)%%% 
+TC> Approx $1500, statements at home. Major expense will be the banner. 
+__4.1 Budget __%%% Expecting $300 for the banner and $150 - 180 for xmas bbq. There were some donations. 
+__4.2 House bill status __%%% To be resolved at next meeting 
+__5. Business __%%% 
+* Big Day In: general setup, attendance and requirements for event. Demo's being held and people responsible/contributing.%%% 
+TC> 8 scheduled events Cut and paste Tyson's email for the events being held%%% 
+TC> Tickets to be distributed%%% TC> Alternative computing to be prepared for BDI%%% 
+* MW T-Shirts/gear: As proposed in e-mail by Dave Freon (axxs).%%% 
+VT> we should have had tshirts%%% VT> will investigating pricing %%% TM> look at it as potential revenue raiser%%% DD> put margin on it%%% TC> Look at getting polo shirts%%% DD> get embroidered work%%% TM> Collared shirt ? TM> Vinyl stickers  DD> investigate pricing. VT, DD, TM, TC> Ultimately want to pay $15 for Tshirt and $25 for a polo. More for non-members 
+* Committee e-mail/external appearance: accessibility to members is no problem but e-mail responses, or lack thereof; have been commented on, and require some organisation. Inter-group communication (committee) could also be utilised to higher degree to assist the situation. this could possibly be a 'bah, its holiday season' thing, but point for discussion.%%% 
+TM> we need to form a system for responding to emails and communicating to members.%%% TC> we should note on the website that there is no committee activity over the holiday period %%% TM> need to improve how we communicate. %%% 
+* Regional Group Mail lists: While very productive for the local members, much would also be good for the main group, it has been suggested that area coordinators provide a 'group newsletter' or similar, if the activity is there for post to the main list eg; monthly ?.%%%  TC> already discussed Is MW going to provide mail list services for regional groups, if so, definitions and boundaries to be set. %%% TC> Boundaries already set (only guides) %%% TM> Are providing lists - will be established and people will be notified, also digesting 
+__6. Task List __%%% 
+DD> Through Robert Tchia (through (http://www.nodedb.com/australia/ http://www.nodedb.com/australia/)), Channel 9 today show interview. Want to do story on CWN - want to film stuff in action. They want to see what they can do. Mz Megabyte.  Voice and video over IP, gaming across wireless. Choose a group that are doing it - VT or Julian's setup. They want to see setup, they want to see groups using it. Show between 2 houses. Tysons car, can download music from someone's house. Explanation of how it synchronises with mp3 collection at home. Avoid mention of wardriving, internet connection sharing, mp3 sharing. Want to do something in the next couple of weeks. Should promote locfinder and have lots of MW logo and web address. We need to find out who and where is going to be shot. %%% VT> Speak to Dlink re: Micheal Florence for equipment - are they prepared to donate equipment. %%% VT> Contact Julian if he wants to do it. TC to be interviewed as a front for MW %%% DD> we need to be organise things so that we can get back to them with specifics about what they want. %%% TM> really something the propaganda group should look at. %%% TM> Working groups to be cleaned out and confirmed if still active %%% TC> MelbPC users group, DD's email to the committee for ideas on topics to be presented. %%% 
+__Action points:__ 
+* Digest and group area mailing lists - TM to action this with Steve%%% 
+* TM to call Rob and pick up server so that the machine can be configured%%% 
+* VT to check out Tshirts & stickers and get pricing%%% 
+* VT to do business cards (generic card)%%% 
+* DD to send VT images%%% 
+* Banner - Choose Vinyl%%% 
+* DD to contact Nick Sibbing re poster%%% 
+* TM to organise paper MW posters for BDI%%% 
+* TM and TC to organise MelbPC users group.%%% 
+* TC to organise mail archives%%% 
+* TC to organise online user database%%% 
+* TC to give VT username/password for user database%%% 
+* VT to contact Julian re: Channel 9 interview%%% 
+* VT to contact Dlink (Micheal Florence) re: equipment%%% 
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