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This page details a list of features that the web development team is working on, aside from fixing bugs
1 Major
2 Minor
3 Trivial


2 Make https mirror http


1 Intergrate IP addressing with interfaces
2 Melways map lookups
2 Link Line between nodes on comparison page


2 Automated meeting reminders


1 Revamp join process


1 Wiki page edit locking
2 Make (or add the option to make) the Wiki Recent Changes page show ALL edits to a page made on a given day. I like to check the diff for recent changes, but if the page is edited multiple times in one day only the most recent diff is easily accessable - so I miss other things that were added.
3 Wiki page Sections (easier to edit without scrolling through the whole thing.


1 I want to use the Include feature to include the Meeting20060210 page in the EventsMonthly page - I want to go back to a new wiki page for the agenda of each General Meeting so we keep an archive. We should then edit the EventsMonthly page in the admin wiki each month to point at the new Meeting agenda page in the public wiki. At the moment, the Include function seems to only be capable of including pages from the Wiki it was called from - i.e. using Include in an admin wiki page can't call a page from the public wiki.


DanFlett's Suggestions


  • suggestion: make /maps/list?order=age the default sort order for the node list page - putting the most recently edited/created nodes at the top of the list
  • Include "IP Address" field as part of a node Interface record. If the interface is an AP then automatically prompt with addresses from the node's allocated address block. If the interface is a client link to another AP - prompt with the IP address range of the AP being linked to (minus any already used addresses).
      • Blocked by LocFinder/Routing ToDo "2 Intergrate IP addressing with interfaces"
  • Somehow include info in the Interface record about the IP addresses of external AP's connected to a wired interface. (Locally Connected Devices subcategory of the Interface?) When a node is a Linux box acting as a router, an external AP isn't really an Interface unto itself and shouldn't be listed as such in LocFinder. The wired interface should be the one listed as the actual Interface. Or is this too complicated?
    • Sometimes a device like a WRT54G might be the node itself, other times a WRT54G might be an External AP to a Linux Router PC.
    • Preset "Interface profiles" might make listing an interface with it's wireless mode and Locally Connected devices easier - profiles such as "Client Card", "Adhoc point-to-point Card", "External AP", "External Client device", "Card in HostAP mode", etc. When selecting a profile such as "Client Card" the user could specify a link to another node, and then select an IP Address from that node's Address Block. The "other" node could revise or delete this IP Address if it is invalid.
    • Preset "Node Profiles" could even make setting up multiple interfaces easer: such as "Linux router PC", "Single Client device" (such as a Minitar in client mode), "Embedded Router" (Such as a WRT54G by itself), "Standalone AP", "Embedded Router with connected AP".
  • generally reform IP address allocation.
    • Allow /28 /29 /30 allocations.
    • Create address space for Area 0 (discuss first?)
      • blocked by "2 Intergrate IP addressing with interfaces"
    • suggestion: clicking on non-node space on the map in a node's LocFinder entry takes you to the clickmap browse page - centred on the point that was clicked on. The default clickmap should probably be smaller than 800 x 600 though - maybe 300 x 300 like the normal LocFinder node maps to facilitate faster browsing.
    • Likewise, when on the clickmap browse page - clicking on a node icon takes you to that node's LocFinder entry.

gummAY thinks aloud

For My.MelbWireless:
  • Subscription Manager
    • For managing subscription for local area and general mailing lists
    • Potentially combat the dreaded multiple-email-address-to-post-to-list problem
  • Recent Site Activity
    • Wiki edits
    • Mailing List posts?

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