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Priority Listing
1 Information loss, no workaround in place.
2 Information loss, workaround in place.
3 Functionality, not working as advertised/documented.
4 Annoyance.
5 Aesthetic.

Site / user

4 When "Remember Me" feature is used to log back in, priveledged menu items are not shown immediately.
3 the mailqueue needs a PEAR module installed
3 Graph include needs GD


3 Optin-updates works, but isn't enabled because of bounces / needing a mailqueue etc

Wiki Engine

1 Wiki edit collisions: If someone opens an edit window for a long time and does a big edit, and someone else makes and saves an edit within that time - when the first person saves their edit, the second person's edit is trashed. Check the version history of the MelbWirelessRouterProject for examples.
This would best be handled by allowing anyone to make changes at any time, but applying changes as patches against what they originally had - in the same way that External linkSubversion works. -- TysonClugg
Alternate solution offered in External linkDetecting the Lost Update Problem Using Unreserved Checkout article. -- TysonClugg
3 Wiki subscription emails are not working

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