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St.Albans and KealbaNodeFSS, NodeFPY, NodeCBD, NodeHVG
SunshineNodeGHD to NodeFSK
Taylors LakesNodeGDW to Kealba NodeFPY
Taylors LakesNodeGDW to Sydneham NodeIBT
Avondale HeightsNodeBED to NodeIBO

Region Contact

The Region Contact for RGMaribyrnong is Richard van Orsow. If you are new to this region, Richard can point you in the right direction!
If you are from this region and would also like to be a Region Contact, please add yourself here.


Short Term

To get a wireless link happening between nodes FPY and GHD.

Long Term

To create wireless links connecting the western suburbs, and eventually linking into the rest of the Melbourne Wireless network.


KahlessNodeGDW, NodeFPY, NodeCBD, NodeFSS
TonyNodeEDB currently listed as Brunswick but have moved to Maribyrnong

LocFinder Page

Region 3



Your node is not appearing on this map? You will need to edit your node details in LocFinder and set your OSPF region to 3 (Maribynong).

View a big map that shows roads, or a huge map that shows roads and contours.



We built an omni using RG-213 from dick smith. Using the modified dimensions it works rather well.

Our results

We measured from 522 metres away perfect los, we used the land.gov.au site to get the distance.

-77 signal

30 SNR

-103 noise

The modified design for this omni, thanks to smarm for pointing to me it again. (The original design link has disappeared but it sounds like the CoaxCollinear.)


We saw these little fellas at troys BBQ and gave it a go. It's a little ripper.

Our results

We measured from 522 metres away perfect los, we used the land.gov.au site to get the distance.

-65 signal

35 SNR

-100 noise

Pulley System

If you are thinking of setting up a pivoting mast, this reduction pulley system will help you easily raise and lower your mast with one finger.


07/11/03 - Kahless -
Changed the GHO grid to vertical, and tried stumbling NodeBHH(Vak) but no good.
02/11/03 - Kahless -
Installed an omni and 1W amp. Just waiting for clients to connect. External linkKismet logs

26/10/03 - Kahless -
Did some 11.g testing with melb_AP It seems that 802.11g just doesn't work over long distance links. Even tried "Super G" but to no avail. Using Dlink DWL-G520 card linked to a AP2000 11.g compatible. With 11.b we can get up to 80KB/s using amps, but using 11.g, we can "see" the AP at the other end, but will not associate.

25/08/03 - Kahless -

Got a call from Melb_AP(GUR) and he stumbled my Ad-hoc n/w nodefpy.wireless.org.au. He was in actual fact seeing nodeGDW which is ad-hoc'ing to nodeFPY ( distance=36km). We now have a active link running ospf/zebra.
26/07/03 - Kahless -

Got a link from GDW -> FPY.

20/07/03 - Kahless -

Did some stumbling from gdw to fpy -90dB. Need to go back up there and install omni and second parabolic dish.

17/07/03 - Kahless -

Installed Veritech in fpy, will try dish from gdw to fpy, and ghd to fpy

11/07/03 - Kahless -

Installed Veritech card in gdw, SNR have improved, adjusted MTU to 460, and getting ~10KB/s to gho

14/06/03 - Kahless -

Tried connecting my AP in client mode to GHO, but couldn't get it to associate ( the AP tx power is 100mW)

08/06/03 - Kahless -

Established link b/w GHO and GDW. Best rx SNR=22 tx=5 Worst rx SNR=12 tx=2

31/05/03 - Kahless -

Got all the gear, lead tile with deck-tite rubber boot, 3 long u-bolts with v-blocks, more cable, 2 25dBi dishes. But waiting for some decent weather

24/05/03 - Kahless-

netstumbled from GHK to GHD with a signal of about -85dB. GHK to install permanent mast.

17/05/03 - Kahless-

nodeGHD and nodeFSK are both connected, GHD in AP mode, FSK client mode.

Next is to try a link b/w GHD and FPY (again) using a dish in peer-to-peer mode, which means GHD will have 2 aerials and two interfaces

11/05/03 - Kahless-

Obtained a 6.5 meter 50mm diameter 3mm thick pole, just need to put it on the roof!!

03/05/03 - spikeymikey-

After not having been erected in a few weeks due to the omni antenna not working (must've got botched on he ground before the last erection I remember) we have done plenty of rethinking about our wireless networking ideas, costs, performance etc. We have no decided to install a P2P between FSK and GHD temporarily with the 900AP's the move onto using wireless cards. Mast should be up Saturday with the galaxy. I will post results on my erection.

03/05/03 - Kahless-

Went over to GHD's and did some netstumbling with a 25dBi grid pack to try and establish a link to FPY but no good :(.

24/04/03 - ravemasta-

Built another omni and a biquad antenna. Also tested the antennas from 522 metres away with perfect LOS. Node FSK has almost finished his AP box so will be ready to mount his AP and antenna tommorow.

21/04/03 - ravemasta-

Got a Enterasys RoamAbout PCMCIA card for a P75 notebook we have. Will be using it with netstumbler and the client utility to see if we can pick up any other nodes in the area, seeing we can't do this with the 900AP's. Also be useful for testing homemade antennas. Big kudos going out to vak once again.
18/04/03 - ravemasta-

Mast is up. Was extremely easy to erect with the pulley system, although the whole mast does look like a banana on the way up hehe. External linkPictures - excuse the blur.
17/04/03 - ravemasta-

Well after weeks of building brackets and throwing up ideas and changing mounting positions we are almost done. The first section of the mast is up and is almost 9 metres in the air currently. 6.5 metres to follow tommorow. We'll put up some pics aswell.

23/03/03 - spikeymikey-

My mast is up. All 14 metres of it. Get LOS from ground level at 700 metres in some places. WOOT! I am so happy! HURRAH! Now to find a Jolly Roger flag.

21/03/03 - spikeymikey-

Found a good place to get guy wire @ 53cents/metre for 3mm galvanised with a braking strain of about 600kg it should be plenty strong. They had plenty available when we (ravemasta and myself) went down.

John L Robinsons

9 Byron St Williamstown

9397 3833

28/02/03 - spikeymikey-

Mast is up FINALLY! Pictures to follow.

28/02/03 - dopey-

having trouble testing ravemasta's homebrew 8dbi omni's, anyone out there willing to lend us a chain saw or kindly rip a tree out. Link from GLG to FSK shouldn't be far from the next few weeks as FSK has a 12 meter mast way over the telephone lines made a big advantage. YEE HAR!!

27/02/03 - ravemasta-

spikeymikey's mast on hold after change of mounting positions. Still debating on where to mount mast at my place node GHD. Would be good if we had no parents *evil grin*

24/02/03 - spikeymikey-

Mast base created. It folds on a pivot for easy erection. Will have counterweight at the bottom also to help balance the bottom out a bit. Constructed of 50x50x5mm angle, 110x70x10mm tapered flange channel, and 50x8mm flat plate, it won't be going anywhere :)

The mast will soar just under 12 metres into the air without antenna ... and can and will be extended upon later. The original size of 10 metres from the ground was lengthened when I scored some gal tube which fits around the 6 metre length snug.

I got External linkpictures for anyone who wants to see.

I got all the guy wire equipment from Bunnings at a cost of $106 including a can of silver rust protection paint. A bit pricey but no other hardware store is really open after work hours. I am using 3mm galvanised guy wire cable, cable clamps to suit, turnbuckles with one open and one clsoed eye, closed eye coach screw type eyelets, and am using little chain offcuts for eyelets on the mast itself. The base of the mast is held into the beams of the shed roof with six 4x1/2" coach screws. Big mofos!!!
23/02/03 - ravemasta-

We've got a 8dbi Dlink omni aswell now :).

Testing continues. Will display results.

23/02/03 - ravemasta-

Mounting mast is on hold waiting for bottom bracket to be constructed for mounting.

Testing home brew omnis down the street over a 400(+-) distance.

22/02/03 - ravemasta-

Setting up mast at Node FSK spikeymikey's place. 10 metre mast (6 metres plus roof height).

21/02/03 - ravemasta-

Meeting: Our first meeting was very informative especially speaking with vak after the presentation. Learnt alot about antenna's how they work and how passive repeaters also work. Hopefully we won't need one. :)

20/02/03 - ravemasta-

Hardware: We now have

2 x Dlink 900AP's

2 x Dlink 520+ PCI Cards

3 x Homebrew 8dbi Omnis (Not tested)

2 x Ex Galaxy Antenna's (Yet to be modded)

1 x Homebrew 10metre mast

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