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The Omni at IBO is now operational. There is no DHCP so if you wish to connect you need to contact me to get an ip address, I may need to get a new ip range soon as its getting hard to find an unoccupied address at times.

I have configured a bulletin board and a web page with info about the node. The Forums are open to everyone ...even the casual drive by connection so if you're in the vicinity leave me a message, if on the other hand youre nearby and can connect you can request a permanent ip address via the forums not to mention meet eveeryone else thats on the network... maybe even get some help with your setup.

The omni is switched off for the moment, while I concoct another ap to drive it. The second directional is up at IBO and link is running quite smoothly to FPY. The second directional is also a no mod horn on a 18dbm connifer. The omni has also been adjusted so it doesnt have a lean on it. At the moment organising the omni is going fairly slow but nothing motivates me like other people that want to link up sooo if you're out there wanting to link up email me :)

The link to FPY from IBO is operational, a temporary stop gap measure of using an omni was resorted to while a directional is concocted together, and time is found to hoist it. At which stage the omni will be turned on as an area wide ap left on for people to link up to (the more the merrier :)
It would also seem that someone has chosen to associate to my link, you are most welcome to do so but i would like to hear from you so i can assign you an ip address, as i am not handing out ip addresses by dhcp. For now i will assume you are unaware that you are connecting to me and i might mac filter you out.

I now have a permanent link to Node IBO after loss of signal to Node FPY. Resumption of packet flow to FPY is on the cards as soon as time is found to hoist a cantena/galaxy/omni and point it at FPY from IBO. IBO has excelent signal strength to FPY.
I have also constructed a couple of Omni antennas and as soon as testing is finished they will be operational at BED and IBO. If you see them by all means link up and let me know :)

11/7/04- Managed to get a stable link to FPY using a Veritech card and the galaxy connifer antenna with a "no need to modify horn". The link appears to be skirting a tree on the horizon? Will leave the node on 24/7 but since its directional I might have to organise the minitar and an omni to reach out to the neighbourhood.

I curently have an operational access point on a 4.5m mast with a directional 24db galaxy. If you wish to do some link tests I am more than glad to turn my antena in your direction. I can see node fpy however due to compatibility reasons we dont have a link yet.
I also have other wireless odds and ends so I can netstumble the neighbourhood...so if you pop up in my neighbourhood please feel free to establish a link up with me :)
At some stage I might even put a omni directional antenna on the mast to see if i can get a larger coverage.
I would like to develop a friendly network around this area so if you need help seting up please do not hesitate asking me. I am quite happy to climb up on your roof with you to help you install your wireless gear etc... Also if you like i can help you modify your galaxy antenna (free, you supply the cable and connectors)or give you some hints on how to get one :)
Dont forget the melbourne wireless meetings, they are a wealth of information and you can source cheap wireless gear like connectors cables etc... I'm usually there too so seek me out.

remember "if you build it they will come" :)

Dont forget the irc channel on au.austnet.org #melb-wireless. I am there most nights as HoracePinker.
e-mail: rbak (at) softhome.net (the email adress requires assembly to stop a flood of spam :)

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