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NodeKKX is operated by the Essendon Model Railway Group (EMRG). We are a membership based organisation with a common interest in Model railways both HO and N scale.

Projects underway

Work is underway to wire the train layout with a series of cameras connected back to a central web based vision system. Once complete Melbourne Wireless users will be able to view trains moving around the track and points across the large layout.

We have also planned and are in the process of installing a PTZ webcam at the club rooms which can be used to view the layout.

Node History

August 2011
The Node is put into production service during the evening of the 10th August 2011.

Connection is established with Node HVC-N.melbournewireless.org.au from NodeKKV.melbournewireless.org.au. Signal is workable but further alignment work on the antennae may be required. The noise floor is found to be -90dBm with signal strength established at -80dBm. We hope to maintain at least 10dBm link margin. Radio throughput for the link in AIRMAX mode is around 20 Mbps.

The following week external building works already completed, cable is run and installed into the club. Ethernet is connected and any power works are completed.

Rob Britt and Brian Evans begin the installation of the node and rooftop works. The external works are completed week ending 6th August 2011. Rob Britt works by moonlight.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

July 2011
Brian Evans and Rob Britt performed some radio testing using Ubquiti equipment and have successfully connected and associated with HVC-N.melbournewireless.org.au from the KKX site. The NodeHVC signal strengths did vary but not surprising as the day was windy and the test conditions difficult. The site is a high site with potential for connections to other nodes.

I have provided some screenshots of the scanning undertaken by Rob Britt and myself.

External linkScreenshot A

External linkScreenshot B

External linkScreenshot C

May 2011
The NodeHVC Northern and Western radios were upgraded to Ubquiti 5.8GHz equipment. This was done to ensure connections in the west to NodeKKV (Bunbury Street Railway Webcam Project) and northern connections to NodeFZJ (Rob) in Coburg. Both connections are at this time up and running and stable.

March 2011
The site was surveyed by RATBAGGY and Rob for access to the NodeJLP at Heidelberg. At that stage the HVC northern and western radios were running on Motorola canopy equipment.

It as not possible to establish a radio link from the KKX node to the Melbourne Wireless network. We did see 5.8GHz services to the west of the site, however, they were not suitable for a connection.

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