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This location has been established to install 2 IP webcams which will cover the main rail freight lines from the Melbourne Ports the west including all interstate rail traffic. This location is very busy for freight trains with many movements during the day.

IP Address Allocations

HVC HVC - ROUTER HVC - North Radio???

KKV KKV - Radio Uplink to NodeHVC KKV - Routerboard at NodeKKV

KKO KOO - Radio Uplink to NodeKKV KKO - Routerboard at NodeKKO

Current Image

The following is a LIVE image from Camera #2

Live Image

Site History

The focus on Camera 1 has been fixed.

Resources Available

The resources available for access at this site are:

External linkCamera 1 - Wider image of the area in general
External linkCamera 2 - Track detail

Both cameras can be accessed using username/password of guest/guest and are available for live image and video viewing from the Melbourne Wireless Network.

Accessing images using cgi

CGI images are available for Melbourne Wireless websites by using the following URL:

Camera #1 - External linkLIVE IMAGE FROM CAMERA 1
Camera #1 - External linkLIVE IMAGE FROM CAMERA 2

Image refresh service

A 60 second image update service is available:

External linkhttp://kkvcam1.railpage.org
External linkhttp://kkvcam2.railpage.org

Using these URL's the camera will return a current image every 60 seconds.

Image archiving

There are 2 image archives available on the Internet.

Camera #1

External linkhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/65802682@N04/

Camera #2

External linkhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/railpage/


Video archiving is now available at:

External linkhttp://www.youtube.com/user/railpage

Project discussion

There are a number sources covering discussions on the project. A good starting point for discussions would be Railpage Australia at: External linkhttp://www.railpage.com.au/f-t11360703.htm

Future Direction

We hope to add a number of new camera sites accessible via Melbourne Wireless.

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