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Node KJK Owner: <memphis>

Location: Memphis Drive, Truganina

eg: Linked to <node>, covering local area from <pointX> to <pointY> using <Antenna>


Set your SSID to nodexxx.wireless.org.au and contact your_username for more information.

Node Log

27/07/10 - First Entry
Thinking about building an antenna. Will probably try to connect to some nodes in the Point Cook/Seabrook area.

Have to get a better understanding of the networking jargon first.


I currently run my home wireless network through my belkin F5D8636au4a. My main PC has an inbuilt wireless card, which I could probably use to access the network.

I run a multitude of OS's including Linux Mint 9, Ubuntu 10.04, FreeNAS, and Mac OSX (wife's laptop).

Photo of node setup


I suppose when I get it operational I'll have a file server and other things people might be interested in.

Elaborate on services seen on the maps page


I intend to buy stuff for building my node (antenna's, poles, etc). I have to buy a ladder to get on my roof too.

I intend to make an omni-directional antenna, simply because it will allow others in my area (Truganina) to connect to me easier.


I'm not entirely sure on all the networking jargon about access points, ip addresses etc. I'm hoping someone will help me out if I run into trouble. I will wait until I have built an antenna first though.

Although I'm in a higher part of my estate, I'm not sure if I'll be able to connect to an operational node. I think it might depend on how high I build it. Maybe I'm too high. I dunno.

I'm about 4km away from the nearest operational node. I dont know if it will be too far away.

I havent worked out all the logistics of actually building the antenna yet. I'm only renting where I live so I have to be careful. I'm not very good with heights (ie walking on my roof) either.

The Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF). I'm sure she doesnt see buying a ladder and antenna parts and going on the roof as a priority right now. And to be frank, it's not - but its a hobby, right?

Hopefully the cost isnt too much.


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