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19/9/2006 - Bought Atheros CM9 and pigtail to connect to the Galaxy Antenna

21/1/2006 - Configured the Router to be a client, configured the firewall to give access to my webserver and to allow my home lan to access MW. Thanks to David on the mailing list who helped with the routing and Peter for telling me how to get my IP allocation, now just to get the rest of the equipment.

19/1/2006 - Recieved my R100 Router Yesterday

21/8/2005 - Obtained a 24dbi Galaxy Antenna from Patrick's place (Thank's Patrick!)


Planning on obtaining:
Mitsubishi R100 (akin to the Asus WL500G) BOUGHT
100mW Atheros CM9 MiniPCI BOUGHT
200mW Senao CB3
24db Galaxy Antenna BOUGHT
8db Collinear Antenna MAKING...
Pigtail: MMCX -> N Female Bulkhead
Pigtail: U.FL (MiniPCI) -> N Female Bulkhead BOUGHT
Weather-Proof Boxes

I will use the 24dbi + R100 + CM9 to obtain a link to someone like Node FOB who already has a link to GHO, unless I can get a stable link directly to GHO but I doubt it! I will then attach the 8dbi collinear omni to the Senao and offer access to anyone over here in the southern region that can connect. The DHCP server on the R100 will operate through the Senao.
The Antennas will be mounted on a mast which is going to be attached on the second storey of the house or on the side of the garage (Depending on what my parents allow hehehe). Hopefully this will be high enough.
Thanks to Peter from GUR I am being taught the best way to approach this, and found via nodedb that I could even have a connection to ILE but trees could be an issue!


I plan to offer DHCP, and OSPF. In addition there will be a Soldier of Fortune server, a Web Server and a Webcam mounted at the top of the mast viewable by everyone.


Need to build an collinear omni antenna. Also need to get some pipe from bunnings. I plan to get the weatherproof boxes and cat5e cable from Jaycar.


I am surrounded by trees !

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