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Manufactured by Conifer, they are ParabolicAntenna from the now defunct Galaxy cable tv service.

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downconverter case and preparing the board for the addition of coax


Modding an ex-Galaxy pacific monolithics antenna is sure to bring many years of joy and excitement at a very low cost. But the hardest step is getting the goddamn thing out so you can play with it. Here's how.


Snub-nose pliers

Retractible box cutter with a locking blade

Largish knife


Block of wood


Use the snub-nose pliers to unscrew the coax plug from the housing. Don't worry about burring the thread, as you just chuck it in the bin straight away.

I found the easiest method was to trace around the welded join of the housing with an al Queda special (otherwise known as a retractible box cutter, but one that allows you to lock the blade) several times, and then use a hammer to tap a knife in the groove starting at the narrowest end. You're best to do this with the dipole resting on a block of wood, as you need to apply a bit of pressure to make an impression. Work around both sides of the dipole, leaving the leading edge of the dipole housing - the end that points to where the signal will be going - intact. This gives the rest of the housing enough flexibility to allow you to pull the housing at the opposite end of the dipole apart and pull the down converter out. That way you don't need to split the whole case open.
Pictures to come.

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