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This is the node GNA, belonging to NrKy.
Located in Mount Waverley, near the corner of High St Road and Blackburn Road.

I currently own a generic cheapo linksys AP-router, of which I am trying to figure out how to set up proper routing facilities, so that i can still use it for home use, as well as for melb-wireless purposes.

I will be attempting to make a co-linear omni fairly soon, when I can find the spare time to acquire the parts and solder it all together. I will need to find myself a cheapo old pc that I can use as the router for the local omni node, as I don't want to put my good spare pc into the roof with all the dust and other crap up there.

If anyone has any old galaxy grid sat' dishes that they dont want, I can gladly take them off of your hands (or roof) for you, as I could use one to set up a link between my house and Charlie Four's node NodeGQZ.

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