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The Mast page, and nothing's here!
Please add or expand on the content, suggestions are within the highlighted areas. Mast101 was the only mast page found on the old wiki, it is now included below.

Pulley system

Information on how to setup a pulley raising and lowering system


Notes to add to Mast101 (below)
1.mounting a mast on the peak of your roof galv/tile
3.mounting on a flat roof galv/decking
6.what a guy plate looks like and how to make sure they do there job
Feel free to update or delete this note when done

NodeAFH's guide to putting up a mast on a tiled roof, so that you can get a better LOS for wireless (this is due to the fact that thetron doesn't have a idea)

Mounting a mast on the peak of your roof galv/tile

Please note local laws may vary but odds are its 3 meters from the peak of
your roof or 10 meters from the ground, which ever is higher

First we need the following equipment

First get the plate in position and put the locking ring on with the guy
plate on the top end. If its a 3 meter mast you want the locking ring 2
meters up the pole, from 3-5 meter masts you want it at the 3 meter point,
at 6 meters you want it at the 3 and at the 5.5 meter points.

example 1


Mounting anchor points on a roof or thru a tile

Ok, now we work out where on the roof it will be and find 4 points suitable for you to drill to install the 'O' end big ass screws.

Drilling through tiles is doable, but you'll need to increase the number of spare tiles you'll need ;)
If you do drill the tiles then make sure there is solid support directly under the hole you're drilling, if you don't have this support then Murphy's law says the tile will crack.

fascia mount1 fascia mount2

Rather than drilling through the tiles the eyebolts can be screwed in at an angle, into the last baton. This baton holds the last tile up and has the gutter attached to it. You'll still need the tube of silicon but the tile survival rate improves somewhat.

There is another alternative to the above. It is also possible to buy a mast that can be bolted to the house frame and a specifically designed tile replacement to pass the mast through the roof. Speak to a local antenna reseller/installer. These should cost between $70 - $100 for the entire kit. The tile replacement piece can be sealed water tight.

How to do guy ropes/wires

After installing them you want to cut guy rope thats a bit longer than you need for each run, 4X7 meter runs will be fine for the lower set of guy ropes the upper ones you will probably want 4X9 meter ones. Now twist the ends through the holes on the guy plates.

If doing a longer pole you might want to just do the lower one first and get it all working then do the upper ones by repeating the steps.

Manual Mast Raising

Get a person to hold the pole where you want it to to be and get the rest of the people to grab a wire and goto the 'O' end big ass screws you already have installed.

Put the guy wire thru the eye hooks 'O' end while its hook end is on the 'O' big ass screw make sure its loose enough that you can unhook it but after you tighten it up that the guy rope is so tense that the mast doesnt move.

Do all 4 then repeat the step and BAM to take down untension them and you can lower and then add an antenna

<add some more pics>

Content suggestions

Hockey stick (description)
Free standing towers (description)
Telescopic masts (description - see below mast101)
Safety (Power lines and how not to destroy a node's owner)
Feel free to update or delete this note when done


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