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This page is intended for mapping Links experimental or otherwise

1200x1200 maps of the Melbourne Wireless areas - printable for use at General Meetings

Mouse Click to Navigate Maps with major Layers

These maps allow browsing by scrolling, or by clicking anywhere on the map with the later developed ones. (Not limited to just selecting where nodes are located) The map will centre where you clicked.

Google Earth Links

External linkNodes and links for google earth Will also show the path & ground clearance with tilt
External linkLinks for google earth Just the links.

1200x1200 Click Maps

Last Updated Description
28/8/10 External link1200x1200 click map V2.5 Now a 1200x1200 PHP version with url node lookup, gps
co-ords and approx distance from center to cursor. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>

800x600 & 800x800 Click Maps

Last Updated Description
Fixed map files for all maps to use correct database. Peter NodeGUR
External link800x800 click map V2.5 Now an 800x800 PHP version with url node lookup, gps co-ords and distance from center to cursor. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
27/12/04 Fixed php click maps to work again after node selection changes
26/9/04 External link800x600 click map V2.1 Now an 800x600 PHP version with url node lookup and zoom control - thanks gummay for the PHP input. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
5/8/04 800x600 click map V2.1 Now an 800x600 version with map layer selection and has Dan's extra layers. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
5/8/04 800x600 click map V2 <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
5/8/04 I've updated these 800x600 maps to use a normal colored mapfile. Peter

350x350 Click Maps

Last Updated Description
27/12/04 Fixed php click maps to work again after node selection changes
30/9/04 External link350x350 click map V2.1 Now a 350x350 PHP version with url node lookup and zoom control. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
Dan: Excellent stuff, very easy and intuitive to use. I'd like to see this added to the dev site under the "maps" heading as "browse map" - when you click on a node it takes you to that node's locfinder entry, when you click on a part of a map that's not a node you go back to the "browse" page.
14/7/04 Click map V2.1 Dan combines Peter's fine work into one map - Place Names layer added to Click Map V2.0, plus Regional Group Boundaries, Rivers and Train Lines.
12/7/04 Click anywhere on the map V2.0 to navigate around - now with map layer selection. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
11/7/04 Scrollable map development - click to move around <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
11/7/04 Point & click selectable region map <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
11/7/04 Click anywhere on the map to navigate around. <Ref Peter NodeGUR>

Special layers

Added place names and boundaries layer to mapfile

Large Area Stitched tile Contour Maps with elevations

I created these maps , (External linkwrite my essay) based on Tyson's 350x350 contour map file to make it much easier to work out line of sight paths over greater areas. Hopefully this will help make the building of the melbourne wireless mesh a little easier.

BIG 100 tile South Eastern Melbourne contour map with nodes & links <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
Large Northern Melbourne contour map with nodes & links <Ref Peter NodeGUR>
14 x 7 Tile Eastern Melbourne contour map with nodes & links <Ref Peter NodeGUR>

Note : These maps are really big and will take a while to load on broadband, and test your persistence on dialup.


Clickmap, though absolutely fantastic (good work!), doesn't work in Mozilla :-( Looking through the code at the moment . . . -- gummAY 10/07/04

Hmm , I assume you mean firefox mozilla, yer it seems to be choking on the preload image i have to initially load the map. I'm thinking of passing this task over to javascript using an onload event instead. I noticed that the validator doesn't like this part too but it works fine in IE. -- Peter NodeGUR

Nope, just plain mozilla. The issue is that the window.event.OffsetX and Y just don't exist in the Gecko DOM thing's javascript inplementation. I had it almost working before going out last night, then came home to a blank screen -- Always save your work kiddies! From what I can recall, they key lies with Layerx and Layery. Mozilla and its variants are simply more strict when it comes to things like this. For example IE will oft allow you to leave off "document" from a document.* statement.
To be exact: Zoomin, Zoomout and resetmap work fine. the lines in question in clickcentre are:
 xselect= window.event.offsetX-175+1;
 yselect= window.event.offsetY-175+1;

I'll keep tinkering I guess. (have a look at ffox too) --gummAY 11/07/04

Hopefully fixed browser compatibility with mozilla. -- Peter NodeGUR 11/7/04

Firefox works - Mozilla is stalling (Map Loading Please wait) Mozilla 1.6 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko/20040510 - graybeard 11/072004

Mozilla 1.7b is fine here, suggest upgrading - gummAY 11/07/2004

After much to'ing and fro'ing it turns out to be something in the users preferences directory - both the original 1.6 and the newer 1.7 work okay with a fresh one. Now to retweak all those customizations :'(
Ah, and it's nice work too. It's coming along nicely. - graybeard 11/07/2004

Sorry to hear :( - gummAY 12/07/04

The "now with map layer selection" is excellent, it's a very useful feature.
It's obviously not going to be easy to start at a given node (I imagine that option is on your feature list), but the option to do so would be the icing on the cake, as well as a button to recenter it when we roam to far.
An easy way to snag the Node co-ordinates might be to include this directly from the individual node id pages (as a 3rd map)? - graybeard 11/07/2004

Dan's Thoughts

Wow! Peter, the clickable, layer-selectable map rocks my socks off! Man, the whole of LocFinder should be based around it. Features such as "node compare" and "search" could be included on the same page or appear as a child page that change the view of the main map. As well as clicking on the map to move around, would it be possible to have a sidebar (or links that pop up child pages) that allows you to enter a node name, street address a la automatic lookup, suburb only or raw GPS coordinates. When any of these locations is entered the map should centre on it (in the case of suburb or area, the map should encompass the whole suburb).

Would it be possible also to have a "printable map" link that would pop up the current map view as a larger map in a child window. By not having browse features on this printable map, it would stop the server from being hammered with requests for big maps.

At some later date, perhaps an option to display a list of the X number of closest nodes to the centre of the map, similar to the closest nodes page.

I suppose the map could have two modes - node view mode and browse view. Node view would be pretty much the same as the /maps/view?id=XXX type page, but with some browse features, such as layer selection. Clicking on the map to move around would keep the original node data display until you clicked on another node. Browse view would replace specific node data with more browse and search features such as the ones described above.

Basically browse view opens up the map so that you aren't restricted to viewing the map from the point of view of any particular node - you can now go anywhere. If we ever get line-of-site cross-sections and/or signal propogation maps happening, we can create them for any point on the map, not necessarily from or to a currently registered node location.

Hmm, maybe Tyson will tell me off for not putting these thoughts on the MapServer Feature Requests section. But all the fun stuff is happening here, dammit! :) -- DanFlett begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting� � � � � end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting��� ��� ��� ��� ��� end_of_the_skype_highlighting 14/07/04

I've just had a play with External linkhttp://www.melbournewireless.org.au/maps/gpslookup and found that you only need to input the suburb and it takes you there. With the browse feature if your street wasn't on the map you could zoom out or find it easily enough. Of course, we might want to use a method that doesn't rely on another site to get the coordinates ;) -DanFlett 14/07/04

Centering a map by node id requires server based php as far as i know
but should be able to do it by gps co-ord soon. -Peter 5/8/04

Centred by nodeid is now done (thanks Gummay for the php input), have to fine tune the 350x350 map , but the 800x600 seems spot on - Peter 30/9/04

If you want check out the External linkWiND - Wireless Nodes Database project. WiND is targeted at wireless community networks. The project was originally created for the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network located in Athens, Greece. It supports multiple users and multiple nodes per user, with different access right for each job. It stores node information such as location, height, area, region, backbone and AP interfaces, roof view photos, subnets and hosts in a node, etc., and provides a powerful way to search this information. Using NASA's SRTM data, it graphs the line of sight and Fresnel zone between nodes and calculates free space loss for the distance between them. It uses Google Maps or Google Earth and can manage IP ranges and DNS. - Cirrus 17/04/06

Move the above comments into the scroll box when appropriate (probably when the subject changes)

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