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All questions relating to the Internet and Melbourne Wireless belong here. If your question is not here, try looking through all of the questions which are listed on TheEvolvingFAQ.

Can I access the Internet through Melbourne Wireless?

Yes, Melbourne Wireless does have an Internet Connection.

Melbourne Wireless is connected to the Internet via Node HVC. The connection is available across the Melbourne Wireless routed network. Network Address Translation or NAT is used to pass information between the Network 10.10.x.x addresses currently used on the Melbourne Wireless Radio Network and the Border Router located in Melbourne.

Currently the connection is several Megabits per second and is available 24x7x365. The project is still under development but the gateway is stable and available for use. Further details on the priject can be found at InternetGateway.

Uhh, OK, can I share the Internet (and not get into trouble) ?

Yes if you are careful, secure and comply with the law and our Acceptable Use Policy.

It is suggested that you use a Virtual Private Network to encrypt your shared Internet connection across the open Melbourne Wireless network. Remember that you are legally responsible for anything that anyone using your Internet connection does on the Internet, unless you can prove that the person using your connection wasn't you. Melbourne Wireless is NOT an ISP, and can not be considered to be an ISP if your Internet connection is transmitted across it. Please do not make things legally difficult for Melbourne Wireless!

I didn't read the last two questions and I don't pay attention, but I want the Internet on wireless. When do we get the Internet on wireless?


Melbourne Wireless does have a optical fibre based connection to the Internet. However, Melbourne Wireless has higher aspirations than being a mere ISP. :)

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