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Project Overview

Tim, Brian, Peter and Rob have been working on a project to connect a Commercial IPTransit service to the Melbourne Wireless Backbone. Once connected nodes and their owners will have access to the Internet via the gateway.


A connection to an IP Transit provider has been established with a Cisco Router being provided to the group and installed at node HVC. This router is connected to the Melbourne Wireless backbone via NodeHVC which is located on a rooftop on the east side of the Melbourne CBD.

Melbourne Wireless - Internet Transit Overview

The IP Transit service is connected to the MW network by Ethernet (via NodeHVC) and utilises OSPF routing protocols to propagate routing information between the cisco gateway service (located on and the Melbourne Wireless Network.

Use of Routing Protocols

Once the OSPF design is fully complete it will be possible connect additional services (based on NET 10 addresses) to the Melbourne Wireless backbone by way of the gateway located at node HVC.


Future work

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