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My free internet access project is now active. It's in a "walled
garden" configuration which means that there is a whitelist of
permitted sites; access to a site that is not on the list is shown a
404 splash page instead. This type of setup is intended to reduce the
risk of abuse as the users are virtually non traceable. It is
implemented with a firewall redirect of all port 80 traffic, and a
simple PHP script which analyses the requested URL and decides whether
to "pass through" the content, or deny it with the splash page. There
is no direct IP translation; the server fetches the object (via a
local caching proxy) and relays it to the user.

Currently the setup is running off a couple of standard APs (Dlink
900AP+ and MSI RG54G2) so the geographical coverage is *severely*
limited. This also means that it's currently impossible to connect
with any other MW members... not that there are many around here! I
hope to build or purchase a higher power setup in the near future. For
now, I've located the APs at opposite ends of my home in order to
increase the potential for people to be able to see AND connect to at
least one of them.

The project uses a dedicated FreeBSD [1] server with a private LAN
cross connect into my home network. Both access points connect to the
same server so it doesn't matter which AP you're associated with - the
only difference is that you'll be assigned an IP from another range.

The location of the network is near the border of Craigieburn and
Roxburgh Park, a little west of Bridgewater Road. SSIDs are

[1] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?FreeBSD

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