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NODE GVQ - Uranus Ridge Site - Smiths Gully

22/9/2003 - Old information - Historical interest only!
The node is on a big hill in the Kangaroo Ground area with excellent
views to a full 360 degrees. There is currently a DWL900AP+ running in
AP mode into a Comet 15.4 dBi omni (vertical polarisation). The
antenna has 3 degrees of electrical downtilt which limits the coverage
to a range of a few kilometers. Within that circle, especially if
you're downhill and have line of site, the signal really hammers.

The AP has been up and running for quite some time, however there's
absolutely nothing connected to it at the moment! You could try
pinging the AP at though. We've seen a couple of "unknown"
MAC addresses in the log so someone must be able to see it!

We have built a Linux box and plan on installing it at the node
within the next couple of weeks. You might like to try HTTP, FTP or
SMB on When the box is up there will be some guest login
details on the Web Server for FTP etc.

19/1/2004 - Old information - Historical interest only!
Will and I pulled the omni down a while ago and then replaced it
recently with a 24dB parabolic pointed back at Will's place. The
DWL900AP+ is now running in P2P bridge mode. We have also installed an
8 port switch in the weather proof box to allow for more links later.

24/1/2004 - Old information - Historical interest only!
The link is running with a throughput of over 500 kbits/second now
but there are still a few problems so we should be able to squeeze a
lot more bandwidth when everything is fixed.

A PC has been installed running linux and we are testing Apache,
Samba, FTP and SSH servers.

Node GVQ was moved to the ridge in Smiths Gully quite some time ago.

There are three interfaces now mounted on an old water tank stand.
The first interface is connected to a Hills 25 dB grid antenna pointed
back towards Kangaroo Ground. The second is connected to the original
Comet 15 dB omni. The third is connected to a Vagi pointed down into
the gully providing connectivity to me at home.

All three interfaces are Minitars connected together with an 8 port
Surecom switch.


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