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This is the node of Tristan Gulyas [1], also known as ZARDOZ on IRC

Currently linked nodes:
* NONE! - if you want to connect, give me a yell.
* Will most likely link to NodeGHO [2] in the NEAR future (i.e. in a
week or two).

Hardware currently part of node inventory:
* Cisco Aironet 350 Access Point with AIRANT-1728 5.2dBi
Omnidirectional antenna. On loan from work.
* Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA 802.11b wireless NIC.
* 2x Orinoco Gold PCMCIA 802.11b NICs (in wireless-gw)
* 2x Enterasys RoamAbout 802.11b NICs. Contact me if you require one.
* 8dBi SuperPass Omnidirectional antenna with N-type male connector.
* 2.2m of RG-400 cable with 2x N-type female connectors.
* 40mm MMCX to N-type female pigtail (for Orinoco cards)
* 20mm MMCX to N-type male pigtail (for Orinoco cards)
* Enterasys CSIBD-PC PLX PCMCIA carrier (holds one Orinoco Gold) (in
wireless gw)
* Ricoh CardBus [3] PCI cradle (PCD-RP-101CS) (in wireless-gw, with
other Orinoco Gold).
* 2x Enterasys Indoor Antennas - these are the 4dBi Omnidirectional
Range Extenders (rebadged Orinoco) with long pigtails making them

How this is all connected:
* Wireless-GW, a PII 350 with 128MB RAM and a 10GB HDD Running
FreeBSD [4]:
* Ricoh PCMCIA cradle
* Orinoco Gold 802.11b PCMCIA Wireless NIC
* 8dBi Omni Superpass via N-male pigtail and 2.2m of RG-400
* Enterasys CSIBD-PC PLX carrier
Orinoco Gold 802.11b PCMCIA Wireless NIC
* Enterasys Range Extender (will be replaced with an 18dBi Galaxy
when I find someone to link with).
* Cisco Aironet 350 series AP in bridge mode. This is used for
internal access to my home network using various security methods, MAC
access control lists, RADIUS, and testing with 802.1X authentication.
This is closed access.
* 5.2dBi AIRANT-1728.

All other items are simply used for various laptops (eg, the Cisco
card, which lives with my Dell).

Node connectivity settings:
SSID: wireless.org.au
Mode: IBSS (peer-to-peer/ad-hoc mode)
WEP encryption: OFF
IP configuration: Automatic/DHCP. An IP will be allocated for you in
the 172.16.x range, to be determined. This will be temporary till IP
space is allocated.

What is available at NodeFSA [5]:
* Linux/FreeBSD ISO images and various open source content.
* Access to any other connected nodes.
* Access to the internal IRC server.
* Game servers, provided by Shafted LAN (when events are not on).

How to connect:
* Drive past or be in the general area.
* Contact me. If we have line-of-sight, I would be willing to invest
in the required equipment at my end (which will probably be, at this
stage, a directional antenna, mast, cable and pigtail).

Current status/to-do list (in no particular order):
* Obtain mast to stick the 8dBi Omnidirectional antenna outside.
* Work out how to feed cable to roof.
* Erection party for link to GHO - put beer on ice, fire up BBQ etc.
* Investigate dial-up connectivity to the node or usage as a node
interconnect over large distances. Traffic to be restricted to
internal mail, ssh, telnet and such.
* Implement IPv6 across all subnets and network segments.
* Configure test machine for NoCat or wireless router pre-configured

[1] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?TristanGulyas
[2] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?NodeGHO
[3] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?CardBus
[4] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?FreeBSD
[5] http://melbournewireless.org.au/?NodeFSA

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