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Spelling: NConnector

Connector for CoaxialCable [1] types: RG-8/U, RG-9/U, RG-213/U,
RG-214/U, RG-225/U

The above image shows a clamp-type N connector.
Also available are N connectors which require crimping (such as the
Pulse brand), and are generally much cheaper.

The N connector was invented by and named for Paul Neill of BellLabs
[2]. It was the first connector capable of true microwave performance.
It was also designed for rugged professional use, and is highly
durable and weather-proof (but not water-proof). N connectors have
threaded coupling interfaces and are 50 ohms in impedance. There are
also 75 ohm versions available, but they will not mate with the more
common 50 ohm version. N connectors operate up to 11 GHz in the common
50 ohm impedance design. Although less common, there are also
precision versions of the N connector available which operate up to 18
GHz. Applications for the N connector include Local Area Networks
(LANs); test equipment; broadcast, satellite and military
communication equipment.

from http://www.cambridgeproducts.com/n.htm [3]

The N-Connector has become somewhat of a standard in professional use
from 200 MHz to 11 GHz, since it performs excellently, and terminates
natively to RG-8 [4], RG-213 [5], and of course LMR-400 [6].

N-Connector [7] assemblies are available for almost all coaxial cable
[8] types. It's standard to wire a cable with male connectors at
either end, and use female connectors on antennas and radio equipment.

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