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I've just discovered Bugs [8] - should these be there?

Bugs appears to be a listing of known bugs. On the other hand, this
page is more a sandpit for discussion, cluesticks, Hummin' 'n hahin'
or anything else that helps to define and kill the blighters.
It started as a query page for one particular bug where I was unsure
if it was the wiki or the browser so I put it here. (see Bug 1 in the
archive box above) -- graybeard [9] 14/07/2004



Is this a Bug or is it related to the browser.

A recent minitar [10] edit shows garbage characters between
REALTEK(RTL8181)AT and 11:22:57 CST 2003 VERSION 1.0 .

Displayed below hopefully...
(page widening bug example text removed - see history for details-
graybeard 07/2004)
- ---RealTek(RTL8181)at (page widening bug example removed -
graybeard 07/2004) 7 11:22:57 CST 2003 version 1.0
Interestingly, it appears to morph into something else while toggling
between PREVIEW and EDIT TEXT ,and also reproduces itself. Perhaps
it's something to do with the preview mode although the next occurence
was (I think) before the preview was introduced.

They also show up in Connecting To The Network FAQ [11] under CONVERT
degrees symbol won't display and conjures up a replacement

+* The latitude and longitude needs to be converted to decimal
degrees for locfinder. For example, the AMG coordinates for my house
at lat. -37(page widening bug example removed - graybeard 07/2004)50'
43.53603" and long. 145(page widening bug example removed - graybeard
07/2004)5' 31.85668" need to be converted to lat. -37.8454(page
widening bug example removed - graybeard 07/2004)and long.
145.0922(page widening bug example removed - graybeard 07/2004) Many
scientific and engineering calculators have an
hours.minutes.seconds-to-hours (decimal) function which can do this.
Otherwise, do the following steps.

I know first hand about the last one as I reimported the relevant
section and it appeared to be fine straight after the import, it's
since morphed into the garbage characters again.

I'm currently viewing using IE5 version 6.0.26 under win2000. The
edit I refer to fixing above was Mozilla 1.6(?) under Linux Fedora
core 1.

graybeard [12]

Okay, you've got me stumped. I think this bug is probably related to
unicode character translations. All of the wiki backend is written in
ASCII, but it wouldn't suprise me if the browser reinterpreted some of
the ASCII as Unicode/ANSI. I'm using Mozilla Firefox 0.8, and when I
look in the View menu under the Character Coding submenu I can see
that UNICODE (UTF-8) is selected. If someone gets a chance to play,
let me know if you can narrow this down a little more.

Update: I had trouble saving the above paragraph, I'm pretty sure
that something is barfing on unicode input. This may be a PHP bug
rather than a RegExpWiki [13] bug or browser bug...

Update 2: Looking at the page source of preview mode, things start to
take shape. It seems that the PHP functions used to ensure correct
transfer of special characters such as the degree symbol on the
preview form across to the save page are translating too much or too
little, or perhaps the browser is interferring with the expected form
inputs. I might have even used the wrong function at one end of the

Update 3: Lets try a single degree symbol and see what happens in
preview mode... here we go: (page widening bug example removed -
graybeard 07/2004)(ends up getting translated to (PAGE WIDENING BUG

Update 4: Seems I may have found a clue [14] - but the problem is
that I'm already including the HTML head element that is suggested.
tc [15]

Nothing much to add unfortunately, I've just trimmed the page as it
had grown to approx 105 KBs and IE wasn't coping with it too well.
I've trimmed the examples to show the minimum effect to hopefully
reduce the growth problem.
Interestingly your UPDATE :3 doesn't appear to grow/expand,
apparently only certain characters come into play for that to occur.

This browser (IE) is set to Unicode(UTF-8) encoding, the one I
reported it from is set to Western European(ISO). The growth occurs
with them both.

One observation, under IE the problem text wordwraps, Under Mozilla
1.7-beta it doesn't wordwrap but goes into page widening mode.

minor update: Nope, UPDATE :3 did grow. From the version diffs on
this page, that I did at home, I didn't think it had changed between
your edits. It seems this one with the Unicode encoding is adding it's
own ingredients to the mix?

Cutting and pasting from the minitar page into this page reproduces
the clipboard content faithfully, A _Preview_ then _Edit Text_ cycle
does morph some of the characters (the generic 'empty square' takes
their place)

graybeard [16]

An attempt to fix things by avoiding use of the degree symbol (using
12(page widening bug example removed - graybeard 07/2004)51' 12"




In preview mode, the last item in a bulleted list does not appear as
bulleted if there is no line underneath it, instead appearing as it
does in edit mode with the asterisk. (as demonstrated below)

If it is indeed a bug, it is a very minor one as it is magically
fixed in the final product in the wiki page. -- gummAY [17]
Fixed. -- TysonClugg [18]


Wiki Links are stuffed in those nifty background highlighting things.
(all three colours)
As per below:

Unlike the above 'bug', it is not fixed magically in the final



There's also a hiccup when constructing the TitleSearch [19] string -
an extra space before or after the search string plays havoc with the
parser. Try it by adding an extra space before or after "Bug" in the
TitleSearch [20] below and witness the result. (The returned page will
be at the bottom of the LOOONNG page, so just scroll down) --
graybeard [21] 14/07/2004

* Bugs [22]


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