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Spelling: CommercialISP

It has been proposed many times that Melbourne Wireless enter the
Internet Access game.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to offer free internet access
due to all the costs such as carrier's licence, bandwidth rent, etc.

The ball is rolling in gathering ideas of if Melbourne Wireless did
hypothetically offer some commercial services on the Mailing List.


* A Carrier Licence (From ACMA) OR Exemption (from the Minister)
* Melbourne Wireless would need to be a Corporation to eligible for
a Carrier Licence
* It is most likely that a Spin-off company would be created for
commercial purposes... ie:

* 'Melbourne Wireless Association' - The community group of hobbiests
dedicated to the Free Community MAN
* 'Melbourne Wireless Corporation' - The company that runs
'Melbourne Wireless' branded nodes that are covered under a Carrier
Licence to provide Internet Access

* Melbourne Wireless (Corporation) would need to own the equipment
to be covered under the Carrier Licence.

* Users that want to contribute to the running of Melbourne Wireless
(Corporation), which would most likely be run on a volunteer basis
would have to donate their equipment used for MW Internet Access to
the Corporation. Provisions could be made where the donor is permitted
unconditional control of their donated equipment and are permitted to
revoke the donation if they want the equipment back. Generally the
equipment would belong to Melbourne Wireless Corporation in name only.
* It may also be possible that the equipment is 'Leased' to
Melbourne Wireless (Corporation)


* Carrier License Application Fee - $2,200
* Carrier License Annual Charge - $1,000/year
* Internet Uplink - ~$550 per megabit/month
* Internet Uplink tail charge - $500-1000/month
* Costs to become a corporation???
* Costs of other paperwork???
* Other costs???

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