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 !! Is there a limit to the height my antenna mast can be? 
 '''Your local council and state planning bodies set this.''' 
-A general rule of thumb is 3m above the highest point on the roof of the house, not counting chimneys, or 10 metres above the highest point on your property for a free-standing mast. However, there are all sorts of different circumstances, and whatnot. (http://www.doi.vic.gov.au/doi/doielect.nsf/2a6bd98dee287482ca256915001cff0c/12e82b44abdb0a514a25695b000e8fb3/$FILE/vpp-telecomm.pdf Full details are available.) 
+(http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/Domino/Web_Notes/LDMS/LTObject_Store/LTObjSt6.nsf/DDE300B846EED9C7CA257616000A3571/D238ED96B9591334CA25793400007148/$FILE/06-68sr020bookmarked.pdf The Building Regulations 2006) states: 
+'''431 - Masts, poles etc''' 
+The report and consent of the relevant council must be obtained to an application for a building permit to construct a mast, pole, aerial, antenna, 
+chimney, flue, pipe or other service pipe which 
+(a) when attached to a building, exceeds a height of 3m above the highest point of the roof of the building; or 
+(b) when not attached to a building, exceeds 8m above ground level. 
 !! How far will my signal reach? Which antenna will see my mate ''x'' km away? 
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