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+|| {http://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/map?id=JQD http://melbournewireless.org.au/nodes/view?id=JQD Node JQD} || '''Owner''':  (/users/?tyson Tyson)%%% %%%'''Location''': Jones Avenue, Upper Ferntree Gully%%% %%% '''Status''':Gathering %%% '''SSID:''' jqd.wireless.org.au%%% %%% '''Connecting...'''%%% Set your SSID to __nodejqd.wireless.org.au__ and contact (/users/?tyson tyson) for more information. || 
+!! Node Log 
+20061124 - Moved in to our new home, everything is still in boxes. 
+20061125 - Took some long exposure photos zoomed in looking towards the city, showing what the better parts of our view are like. 
+!! Photos 
+{http://www.melbournewireless.org.au/files/photos/NodeJQD_City_view_Night.jpg Night photo zoomed towards the city} 
+The view from our balcony towards the city, taken at night. 
+!! Equipment 
+All of the hardware is still packed in boxes as we only just moved in.  I've got a 24dBi parabolic and plenty of [LDF-450], and will probably use something simple like a D-Link [DWL-900AP] or bite the bullet and buy myself something to run OpenWRT. 
+!! Services 
+No services planned yet. 
+!! Plans 
+I might buy something to run OpenWRT. 
+I intend to link up to NodeAJJ. 
+!! Problems 
+I don't have much time to spare. 
+I am surrounded by trees (but the view is awesome). 
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