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-|| NodeMap:ITF || '''Owner''':  Stev391%%% %%%'''Location''': Tor Rd, Belgrave Heights%%% %%% '''Status''':Gathering gear%%% eg: Linked to  Nobody%%% %%% %%% '''Nodedb ID''': #788 || 
+|| NodeMap:ITF || '''Owner''':  Stev391%%% %%%'''Location''': Tor Rd, Belgrave Heights%%% %%% '''Status''':Building%%% eg: Linked to  Nobody%%% %%% %%% '''Nodedb ID''': #788 || 
 !! Node Log 
 30/10/2005 - Created This Page 
 26/11/2005 - Update on collected equipment 
+28/01/2006 - Update on gear and plans 
 !! Equipment 
+Photo of Roof mounted Antenna: 
+{http://home.people.net.au/~stev391/Roof_Antenna.jpg Roof Mounted Equipment} 
+What is in the box? Well nothing for this photo, it will either be the Asus WL500g or a Netgear WGT634u. All wiring is ready, just organizing the software on the routers in a secure manner. 
 I currently own: 
   Netgear WGT634u 
-  2 Motorola WA840G APs 
+  2 x Motorola WA840G APs 
   Homemade antennas (slotted waveguide, Biquad, cantenna) 
   A modified ex Galaxy dish (the 24dB one) 
+  2 x WL500g 
+  And other wireless gear. 
 I run Debian on the WGT634u 
+also OpenWRT WR on wl500g 
 !! Services 
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 !! Plans 
-I intend to link up to GUR,FEC,IUC and any other in range 
-I intend to test the ex Galaxy Antenna, and install mast on dead tree. 
+I intend to link up initially only to JOB and then further down the track maybe to GUR,FEC,IUC and any others in range. 
 !! Problems 
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